TA's Holiday Gift Guide and Contests: Arcade Games

By Perpalicious, 7 years ago
Welcome to the 2nd annual TA's Holiday Gift Guide! Last year's gift guide helped gamers, family members, loved ones, and the like figure out what to get for that gaming individual.

This year, we at TrueAchievements wanted to do it bigger, better, and more awesome. How did we do that? Well, we have more recommendations and we've split it up across four days, covering arcade games, hardware, miscellaneous, and retail games. But we couldn't stop there, so we're also giving away a ton of great stuff.

Enough talk! Check out the list below to see what arcade games you should get this upcoming Christmas.

A World of Keflings - 800 MSP

Command your Keflings to gather resources while you get on with the important task of building a kingdom across three worlds in this gentle introduction to the Simulation genre. Various gameplay improvements, including the addition of a storyline, make this game a worthy follow-up to http://www.trueachievements.com/A-Kingdom-for-Keflings-....htm. The recent arrival It Came From Outer Space also adds a whole new dimension for those who don’t mind spending a little extra. P.S. There are no bears - punkyliar

Bastion (Xbox 360) - 1200 MSP

An action-RPG presented in water-color graphics with a dynamic narrator is unique, to say the least. Bastion is short, on the easy side, but also a very fun ride while it lasts. The story unfolds as you play, with your actions directly affecting the real-time narration. If you even remotely enjoyed Legend of Mana for the PS1, you will love Bastion - Dog of Thunder

Fruit Ninja Kinect - 800 MSP

The power of Kinect came to the Xbox LIVE Arcade in a fun and ridiculous way when Fruit Ninja Kinect launched on the service this summer. The popular mobile phone game really came to life as players could now flail their arms around in a desperate attempt to slice as much fruit as possible before it touched the ground. Thankfully, the tracking on the game is fantastic and the multiple modes means there's something for every approach to the game. It's a pretty good Kinect cool-down to slice some fruit in Zen mode, actually! - Matrarch

Fusion: Genesis - 800 MSP

From the minds behind several Rare titles such as Kameo and Killer Instinct comes Starfire Studios' first foray into the gaming space. Fusion: Genesis is a unique hybrid title, combining twin-stick shooter gameplay with MMO sensibilities. You also get plenty of bang for your buck with this title as it promises upwards of 40 hours of gameplay. In addition, you can check out the game's sister WP7 title, Fusion: Sentient (WP) to get a leg-up in the XBLA title - Matrarch

ilomilo - 800 MSP

What happens when you combine a puzzle game with unique art design, two cute protagonists, and awesome music? You get Ilomilo, one of the best puzzle games on the Xbox 360. Any fan of the genre won't be disappointed and will certainly rejoice in its unique approach to design and gameplay - Perpalicious

LIMBO (Xbox 360) - 1200 MSP

You're probably saying to yourself, "Why is a 2010 game on this list?" Well, Limbo was released on disc in 2011, so we've found a loophole to sneak this game back into the TA gift guide. Limbo is coming off its one million sales mark and there's an obvious reason why: The game is awesome. With fun gameplay and incredible art direction, everyone should own Limbo - Perpalicious

Mercury Hg - 400 MSP

Can you brave the elements this holiday season? Mercury Hg consists of 60 original and increasingly challenging, physics-based puzzle levels. Featuring three different game modes—Discovery, Bonus and Challenge—each forces you to consider a different approach to complete each level and meet the required targets. The bright, refreshing and engaging modes and levels result in chemistry lessons that have never been so fun. With a lower-than-usual price tag, Mercury Hg is the ideal stocking-filler gift for any puzzler fan! - http://www.trueachievements.com/KeithBGray.htm

Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes - 1200 MSP

There is something insanely addictive about RPG, puzzle games. Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords on the PSP made me forget that life outside of Puzzle Quest existed. Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes gives gamers a similar experience, with detailed, hand-drawn graphics and insanely addictive gameplay. Make sure to set a day or two aside when starting this game because, chances are, you'll get addicted - Perpalicious

Ms. Splosion Man - 800 MSP

Twisted Pixel hit on something big with the release of 2009's Summer of Arcade title Splosion Man. This summer, the Splosion Man formula returned with Ms. Splosion Man, and it was everything a sequel should be. While it maintained the core mechanics that made the original title so popular, Ms. Splosion Man brought in new elements (such as zip lines) and new game modes (such as 2 Girls, 1 Co-op), making this game a more than worthy successor to Splosion Man. Also, in case you were curious, the degree of difficulty is the same, so keep that in mind when approaching this one! - Matrarch

Radiant Silvergun - 1200 MSP

It took a while for this one to get here, but Radiant Silvergun finally made its triumphant arrival on the Xbox LIVE Arcade this fall. This is a title that people have been hunting down since its release on the Saturn over a decade ago and with good reason. Some would say Silvergun represents the pinnacle of design for game developer, Treasure. The addition of an Ikaruga score mode to this HD update brings a new approach to the title, as well - Matrarch

Torchlight - 1200 MSP

As a fan of the "Diablo Formula," I found that Torchlight did an amazing job of scratching that itch and providing several days full of addictive looting and levelling. The story may be paper-thin and the graphics won’t blow you away, but its smooth frame rate and addictive gameplay make it an amazing purchase. To top it all off, it's very "achievement-friendly" as well! - osubluejacket

Worms: Ultimate Mayhem - 1200 MSP

Everyone remembers playing with worms as a child, whether it was the innocent garden variety who inevitably ended up in two pieces, or the digitised bazooka wielding variety. Relive the classic mayhem in Worms: Ultimate Mayhem and remember how bad you are at judging cluster grenade fallout drift in a strong gale... - DavieMarshall

What a nice looking arcade list, and we've selected some of our favourite titles that we're giving away in celebration of our TA Gift Guide 2011! Everyone who comments on this article is automatically entered into the randomised draw. We'll be drawing five names out of the hat to win the following list of prizes:

First Prize - Mercury Hg, Worms, and Limbo
Runner up 1 - Mercury Hg and Worms
Runner up 2 - Mercury Hg and Limbo
Stocking Filler - Mercury Hg (x2 winners)

These prizes are all thanks to our friends at (in order!) Eiconic Games, Team 17 and Playdead. They've been incredibly helpful in hooking you guys up with the goodies, so a huge thanks go out to them!

- This competition in unavailable to TA Staff Members
- Winners will be chosen at random (via random.org)
- Entries close midnight tonight
- There are no international exclusions on entry
- All decisions are final
- Winners will be announced in tomorrow's Gift Guide post
- Please PM DavieMarshall with any questions
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