Obsidian Developing South Park RPG for Consoles

By litepink,
Obsidian Entertainment, the developer behind Fallout: New Vegas, is in charge of crafting South Park: The Game for a 2012 console release. This isn't anything like the upcoming XBLA title, but rather, South Park: The Game is described as a "full-scale RPG" according to Game Informer magazine. The publication has the exclusive cover reveal of the game for their January issue, with the cover art unveiled today.

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The details are scarce so far, but we do know that you'll be playing as the "new kid", defending the town from everything that comes at it. If the cover gives any indication, these threats will likely dip into the large pool of characters in the South Park world. We also know THQ will be the title's publisher.

Another promising aspect, is that the show's creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker are completely involved with the development. Besides voicing the characters, they'll be writing the script for the game too, as they do with the TV series. They'll be overseeing the overall development of the game as well.

More details will unfold when the January issue of Game Informer hits the web, mailboxes, and newsstands this month. As mentioned, South Park: The Game is slated for a 2012 release.