TA's Holiday Gift Guide and Contests: Misc.

By Perpalicious, 7 years ago
Welcome, everyone, to the third day of TA's Holiday Gift Guide and Contests. Before we proceed, I want to announce yesterday's winners. Congratulations to FireReingDeath and Foobnum, winners of of two awesome XtendPlays. Also, a big thank you to Xwerkx for providing us with the prizes.

Moving on! On our third day of the gift guide, we Newshounds want to recommend our favourite miscellaneous objects, ranging from books to plush toys. Sometimes the best gift is that little piece of gaming memorabilia.

Check out the list below to see some of our favourite gaming-related stuff for Christmas.

Note: Prices may vary

Batman Arkham City Prequel Comic - $14.72 / £11.91

Discover what happened between Arkham Asylum and Arkham City with this brilliant five-part series written by bat-veteran Paul Dini. Trust me, this is not some throwaway promotional item. It sets the stage for Rocksteady's sequel and reveals backstory you won't get in the game. It's also available in a Collector's Edition hardcover that features all five parts - N0T PENNYS B0AT
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Be Good Little Puppy: A Penny Arcade Book, Volume 7 - $10.20 / £7.67

While, yes, you can read all of the Penny Arcade comics online for free, you can not read them easily while sitting on the toilet that way. The Collections, 7 volumes in all, include commentary by Jerry "Tycho" Holkins that makes these a must for any Penny Arcade fan. Volume 7 covers all the comics published in 2006, which was the first full year of the Xbox 360 - Dog of Thunder
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BioShock EVE Hypo Syringe - $16.99

Aside from being an essential piece of any "Jack" costume, the syringe looks amazing and lights up with blue LEDs. Chain tattoo sold separately - osubluejacket
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BioShock: Rapture by John Shirley - $10.19 / £4.99

BioShock (Xbox 360) is easily on the of the seminal games of this generation, and Shirley's novel delves into its beginnings and back story before the events of Irrational Games' masterpiece - osubluejacket
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Dead Island Strategy Guide - $13.59 / £8.99

Making the wrong move on the blood-soaked island of Banoi can be fatal. With Brady Games' official strategy guide for Dead Island, it doesn't have to be. The guide reveals all collectibles, character strengths and weaknesses, and the many weapons available when you find a crafting table. You'll 100% the game in no time. The only thing it doesn't provide is a cure, so don't get bitten - N0T PENNYS B0AT
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Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter by Tom Bissell - $10.17 / £8.63

A series of essays by Tom Bissel (whom now can be read on Grantland) that touch on why we play games. At times analytical, at times casual, Extra Lives is a wonderful read for us older folk that still engage in an electronic past-time - Dog of Thunder
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Gears of War: Coalition's End - $9.99 / £4.99

The latest book by in the Gears series by Karen Traviss bridges the gap between the second and third instalments of the game. Over the span of 606 pages, it fills in the backstory of the events on the island of Vectes and why the CoG decided to return to the mainlands on Sera. A great bit of science fiction writing in its own right, but all the more enjoyable because of the universe it is set in. If you’re a Gears fan, then you will thoroughly enjoy this latest chapter in the series - Nexus Grunt
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Halo: Cryptum by Greg Bear - $16.45 / £4.55
Halo: Cryptum is the first novel in the Forerunner Saga written by award winning sci-fi author Greg Bear. Set approximately 100,000 years before the events of Halo: Combat Evolved, Cryptum explores the story of the Forerunners long before they disappeared from the galaxy. While the book is a must-have for all die-hard Halo fans, its setting also makes it an enjoyable read for sci-fi fans with little to no knowledge of the Halo Universe - Lexual
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Halo: Glasslands by Karen Traviss - $10.87 / £7.89
Better known for her Gears of War novelizations, Karen Traviss has now applied her talents to the Halo Universe. Halo: Glasslands is the first in a new trilogy, set after the events of Halo 3, with the Covenant on the brink of civil war and Humanity attempting to regain its place in the galaxy. Glasslands delves into the aftermath of the war and the political chaos that has arisen from it - Lexual
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InsertCoinClothing - Prices vary

For some brilliantly geeky tees, no one is better than Insert Coin. With clever and subtle nods to many of gamings classic and modern favourites, there’s no cooler tip of the hat to your favourite franchises. And with free worldwide shipping, you can’t go wrong! - http://www.trueachievements.com/ButterflyEdge.htm
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L.A. Noire: The Collected Stories - $0.99 / £1.49
Eight of the best crime, thriller, and mystery authors come together in this collection of short stories to get players in the mood for some 1950’s crime-busting. Familiar characters and familiar locations are sprinkled throughout the tales of murder, prostitution and fraud, and the collection even includes a re-imagining of the Black Dahlia murder. Available only as an e-book, readers can download a copy for their Kindle, NOOK, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch - punkyliar
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Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds - $8.95 / £11.03

This massive tome has everything you need to go from playing like your kid brother to playing like Daigo. Hit-boxes, frame cancelling, priority listings, and all the technical knowledge that separates the professionals from everyone else has been compiled in this guide, making it the single most comprehensive fighting game guide to ever hit the market - Dog of Thunder
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Mega Bloks Halo UNSC Warthog - $21.98 / £14.99

I realize I'm a gigantic twelve-year-old with a vocabulary straight from Dennis Miller, but these kits look amazing and are great for setting up on one's desk. I have an entire battle-scape on mine! - osubluejacket
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Orcs Must Die! Robot Entertainment Clothing - $15.00 - $20.00

Christmas jumpers? Grandma please! We've got an excellent Robot Entertainment branded t-shirt and cap so we can eat Turkey in style. Just don't get gravy on it. Big coats and gloves are for wimps, as we prefer to strut around in the freezing weather rocking a short sleeve t-shirt, like a boss - DavieMarshall
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Portal 2 Bookends - $29.99

Are your Gears of War and Halo books falling over? The World of Warcraft series not standing on its own? Let these bookends hold them up for you. Just make sure you face them the right way, or they may end up falling through the Portal and into the fire! - NinjaDave04
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Portal 2 Cave Johnson Talking Portrait - $39.99

Cave Johnson stole the show in Portal 2, and I was left wanting more of everything … except lemons. The awesome nerds at ThinkGeek now have a way for you to show your love to Aperture Science’s amazing founder. Seriously, who wouldn't want the soothing tones of the one and only Cave Johnson talking to you every time you walked past? The promotional video explains it all! - osubluejacket

Portal 2 Plush Turret with Sound - $29.99

Again, the Turrets from Portal might be the cutest enemies ever ... and this one is squishy soft AND talks! - osubluejacket
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Ready Player One by Ernest Cline - $11.20 / £6.83

In a not too distant future, where the world is struggling to survive having ruined the climate and suffering from the effects of global shortages in all key resources, most of society spends its time hooked up to a futuristic virtual reality world wide web called OASIS. However, when its creator dies, he bequeaths the web to whoever finds the easter egg hidden within it. Thus begins a frantic race against time between gamers and a global conglomerate as both search desperately for the egg that will give them control of the world's one remaining global resource. This is a brilliantly woven story packed with gaming references all the way back to the 80’s. A great page turner, and a great read for all gamers and nerds out there! - Nexus Grunt
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Red Dead Redemption Strategy Guide - $13.59] / £9.09

In the world of John Marston, the plains are near endless, the scenery easy to become lost in and collectibles mind boggling. With this guide and your trusty steed, you'll never find yourself at a loose end or outnumbered by wild bears. Whether you like to know every nook and cranny of a game, or you like to keep your collectible run through speedy, this Brady Games guide will do the job - DavieMarshall
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The Greatest Video Game Music Album - $13.88 / £7.99

This CD comes with 21 tracks of gaming history. You'll find current hits from games like GTA IV, Bioshock, and Mass Effect 2 as well as classics like Super Mario Brothers and The Legend Of Zelda. It even offers the Angry Birds theme. It's all played to perfection by the London Philharmonic Orchestra. Get the holiday music out of your disc tray and share the spirit of gaming - N0T PENNYS B0AT
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The Walking Dead Figures - Prices vary

Collectors everywhere know the name Todd McFarlane. His collectible toy company has a storied history of delivering excellent renditions of famous athletes and characters. One of his newest sets is the The Walking Dead series, based on the characters from the show, which will surely induce excitement (and possibly vomit) from your loved ones. Though, if you're a traditionalist, they also offer figures based on the graphic novel characters, too - N0T PENNYS B0AT
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That was a long list! You know what a long list means, right? It means we A LOT of stuff to giveaway. Once again, you have your chance to get some of this goodness landing on your doorstep in time for Christmas! We're giving away:

First Prize - Signed Mercury Hg Print, Orcs Must Die! t-shirt, Ezio outfit Avatar code, the book Coalitions End plus a copy of Mercury Hg
Second Prize - Signed Mercury Hg Print (x3 winners)
Runner-Up - LA Noire, Red Dead Redemption, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Dead Island strategy guides. (One per winner)
Stocking filler - RAGE Avatar t-shirt (two male & two female) (x4 winners)

Plus! As an added extra, thanks to community member TerreDactyl, we can give away ten Battlefield 3 avatar helmets to ten more randomly picked winners!

Huge thanks go out to the guys at Eiconic Games, Robot Entertainment, Ubisoft and Brady Games for donating the other prizes! All fantastic to deal with and really great for helping TA make the holidays awesome for our community!

- This competition in unavailable to TA Staff Members
- Winners will be chosen at random (via random.org)
- Entries close midnight tonight
- There are no international exclusions on entry
- All decisions are final
- Winners will be announced in tomorrow's Gift Guide post
- Please PM DavieMarshall with any questions
This contest is now closed.