TA Poll Recap: Week of November 27th, 2011

By Mark Delaney, 7 years ago
Last weekend, we asked the community to tell us which zombie game was the best. The results ended up about where I expected in terms of order, but the numbers attached were more lopsided than I predicted too.

17.4% - Dead Rising series
33.5% - Left 4 Dead series
6.9% - Plants Vs. Zombies
11.9% - Dead Island
11.4% - Resident Evil series (RE5 and HD)
0.1% - Zombie Apocalypse series
7.2% - Call of Duty Zombie mode
7.3% - RDR Undead Nightmare
4.3% - Other

Left 4 Dead was the big winner, and it makes sense. Valve is a well-respected developer and their Left 4 Dead series is unique, fun, and always feels fresh thanks to their AI Director. In second was another faaaaantastic series, Dead Rising. I was surprised that Call of Duty Zombies and Resident Evil didn't get more votes. It was also very funny to me that Zombie Apocalypse only got a single, solitary vote. Out of curiosity, who was the ONE person to vote for it? Had I predicted that, I would have left it off the list. I don't think that means the Zombie Apocolypse games are bad. I think it just isn't many people's favorite when stood side-by-side with some of these other mega-franchises. Then again, Plants vs. Zombies faired well among the crowd.

Many of you voting 'Other' wrote in Dead Space. I'd have to agree with you there. What a great series. Let's hope any sequel builds on the gameplay and story so it doesn't go stale.

Here are some community responses to the poll:

SecondHeartbeat said:
RE series for me. RE4 is one of my favourite games of all time and I've had a lot of fun competing for leaderboard places in Merceneries and Versus in RE5. Left 4 Dead's Versus mode is insanely addicting as well though; I've easily spent 500+ hours between 1&2. I really wish Valve would release some more maps for us to play on.
You're in luck with the L4D DLC, my friend. Valve is working on their "Cold Stream" map pack right now. It was due out in October, but of course after adjusting our watches for Valve-Time, that puts the release at around...Easter.

http://www.trueachievements.com/connectmeplease.htm was like a kid in the candy store, wanting a little of everything:
You've got some of my favorite games period on this list, but in the end, I love me some Dead Rising. Its just a wonderful playground of zombie murder.

But l4d and RE are amazing games, and I think Dead Island will become a franchise to compete with in the coming years. I think it was easily the best Non-Sequel of the year.
Zacry072 was influenced by his achievement runs when making his decision:
I'd either say Left 4 Dead or Dead Space, though I ended up voting "Other" for Dead Space. Games rarely affect my emotions these days and I was just plain tense when doing Hard Core mode on Dead Space 2. The Dead Space games are thoroughly enjoyable and one of the few titles I've actually replayed other than to get achievements.
All in all, it was a fun, gory poll for us to share and discuss. If you haven't noticed by now, I like to include some of the more interesting replies in these recaps. So, if you want your fifteen minutes of fame, explain your vote in the comments of the poll threads. I love to have a good discussion with my fellow community members.

This week's poll comes in response to the bevy of rumors that a next-gen Xbox will be unveiled within the next year or two. It's sure to be a hot topic here on TA as well. Head over to the poll thread and join in on the discussion.
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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