PES 2012 Update Incoming

By DavieMarshall,
Many games thrive on the feedback and criticisms of their user, and Konami have been listening to what you have to say about Pro Evolution Soccer 2012

To that end there will be a patch coming soon for the title aimed at numerous tweaks and bug fixes of varying severity. Here's the full list from European PES Team Leader, Jon Murphy:

- Some situations where the game was hanging out or freezing have been solved. Included those on the Online, Become a Legend and Edition modes, and while selecting some Game Plan combinations.
- Issues with one or more players given a red card in a match, but 11 players available after loading formation
- In the myPES application, we have corrected the situation where a draw result is given after win/lose on the penalties
- Occasionally meaningless numbers were appearing when accessing the - Community menu from the Community Card list
- Formation data in the Formation settings on the Game Plan screen can only be saved from the P1 controller
- Game data can be saved/loaded for both sides if you exit the Data Management menu while your opponent is saving/loading the game data and then enter the Data Management menu again on the Game Plan screen
- Added the option to search for opponents based on their pass support settings, which will replace Friendly Match or Player Match (depending on version) in Quick Match mode
- The Speed Star skill card will also be adjusted to improve realism
A lengthy list of improvements that should hopefully help placate the fans wearied by the bug list. We'll be sure to update you when the patch hits Xbox LIVE, but currently there isn't even a tentative release date. Your guess is as good as ours.

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