Winners: TA Gift Guide Retail Games and Round Up

By DavieMarshall, 7 years ago
OK, gather round guys. After an amazing set of Gift Guides from our Newshounds, some fantastic recommendations and some generous give-aways courtesy of our partners, it's time to unveil the final list of Gift Guide winners!

First up is the Kinect Family Pack. This contains Kinect Sports: Season 2, Raving Rabbids: Alive and Kicking, Black Eyed Peas: The Experience, and Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster. Congratulations to TheIrishBeast!

Now for the five Action Packs that we're dishing out. Congratulations to all of the following community members!

Action Pack 1 (Gears of War 3: Limited Edition, Tropico 4) - ZuBzErO123
Action Pack 2 (Assassin's Creed: Revelations, Rayman: Origins, Ezio Avatar Code) - ODST suPeRnOva
Action Pack 3 (Gears of War 3, Sonic Generations) - ZENMASTR6555
Action Pack 4 (Tropico 4, Sonic: Generations) - DirtyLittleSith
Action Pack 5 (Catherine, Battlefield 3) - S1L3NT JOKER

Next we have three Gears of War 3 runners up. Each winner gets a copy of the standard edition of the game and a Green Liquid Weapon Skin.

Geared Up - Zordnil, LesserHuman, Amendocrem

And our Gears Grab Bag of various Epic goodies? That goes to

And last, but by no means least, our Stocking Filler of Kinect Sports: Season 2 swag, Mercury Hg, Limbo and Worms: Ultimate Mayhem goes to Killer Ciaran

In our four days of Gift Guides we've covered dozens and dozens of fantastic gifts and crowned somewhere around 43 TA community members as winners in four days. Not bad going!

None of this could have happened without some key names and companies in the gaming profession, so we'd like to take this chance to give a HUGE shout out to (in no particular order): Eiconic Games, UTV Ignition, Team 17, Playdead Games, Brady Games, Microsoft, Robot Entertainment, Ubisoft, Kalypso Games, Renegade PR, Atlus, EA and Epic Games. Also our community members, zigs00 , and TerreDactyl for generously donating some Xbox LIVE codes to share with you guys. It's been brilliant making so many winners. Shall we do it all again next year?

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