Gears of War 3: RAAM's Shadow Gameplay

By Perpalicious, 7 years ago
When thinking about the current generation's most memorable and ridiculously awesome bad guy, many would easily list General RAAM. I mean, what's better than controlling Kryll, carrying around a Troika, being eight feet tall, and having your name in capitals? Nothing really, which is why the latest DLC in Gears of War 3, RAAM's Shadow, is wicked cool.

In Gears' latest DLC, players are able to control General RAAM and other locust as well as characters from the Zeta Squad. Want to see what being RAAM is like? Check out the gameplay video of "RAAM's Shadow":

"RAAM's Shadow" hits the marketplace on December 13th for 1200MSP. If you snag the Season Pass for 2400MSP then you'll get the first four pieces of DLC (this and Horde Command Pack so far).
Credit for this story goes to EndxofxTime