NBA 2K12 Says Welcome Back to Basketball

By litepink, 7 years ago
The NBA season is [finally] upon us, with the season opener set for Christmas Day. Among the marquee matchups slated for that day is a rematch of the 2010-2011 Finals between the Miami Heat and the Dallas Mavericks.

As a way to commemorate the return of basketball, 2K Sports and NBA 2K12 have put together this short trailer, as well as revealing some news and announcements for their flagship basketball title.

The lockout not only affected fans of the sport, but also that of the game. Since there was no collective bargaining agreement, free agents couldn't sign with new teams, rookies weren't accounted for, and teams couldn't conduct trades. You can be assured that once the CBA is officially signed, the flurry of changes will be reflected in-game via a roster update.

If the end of the lockout has you excited for basketball again, you're in luck thanks to a special offer from 2K and Amazon. Sometime today, the game should receive special pricing, seeing the price slashed to $39.99 until December 11th.

In the week leading up to the Christmas Day season opener, 2K will be releasing full-length video from NBA 2K12 via Facebook, simulating and predicting the outcomes of all the day's exciting matchups.

The start of the season also means you can play the game's NBA Today mode, making one of the achievements obtainable now.

NBA 2K12Another Day, Another WinThe Another Day, Another Win achievement in NBA 2K12 worth 61 pointsWin 5 NBA Today matchups.

You see, without actual NBA games, NBA Today couldn't happen! Your first chance at the mode should start around the season opener.