QuakeCon: Hands-On Trio

By SeraphimNeeded, 9 years ago
On the floor of QuakeCon, there were a few 360 versions of games available to try for the public.

First up was Doom II. If there was any more proof needed to confirm it heading to the Xbox Live Arcade soon, I think there being a publicly playable demo pretty much seals the deal. It looked and felt very similar to the first Doom from the Arcade Marketplace, as it rightfully should. If that demo was any indication, we'll probably be seeing this drop fairly quickly.

Next there was Quake Arena Arcade. This one has been talked about a good bit on and off. This looks like it captures the Quake 3 Arena experience very well on the 360. For those who played Q3, everything should be very familiar from the pacing to the movement. Note that even the graphics are going to be familiar. There are no graphics updates.

The last 360 game on the show floor was WET. To be honest, I've been having a hard time accepting this game. The promises being made and the gameplay videos were really reminding me of John Woo's Stranglehold, which I wasn't all that thrilled with while trying to play it. When I got my hands on WET, I was again reminded of Stranglehold, but I also got a distinct feeling that WET is what Stranglehold should have been. It controlled much smoother and was paced much better. I'm left with a feeling that I may have sold this game short based on first impressions and will likely pay more attention to news about it from now on.