The Witcher 2 AoK Publishing Agreement Resolved

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
CD Projekt Red's PC action RPG The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is one of next year's most-anticipated titles to hit our favourite console. Unfortunately, back in August we received the news that the title would be delayed, and one of the reasons was a publishing dispute between the developer and Namco Bandai, the company who published the PC version of the game.

CD Projekt Red had awarded THQ the publishing rights for Western Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Central and South America. However, Namco Bandai claimed that they had agreed publishing rights for those territories with the developer before the rights were awarded to THQ. In order to settle the dispute, Namco Bandai took Optimus SA, the developer's parent company, to court, with the case finally reaching an agreement this week. The resulting decision means that THQ have relinquished publishing rights and that Namco Bandai will now be publishing the game in these territories. CD Projekt Red has 15 days to confirm an agreement with Namco Bandai, or they will face a €15,000 fine PER DAY of delay. Despite this, it could take as long as early January before an agreement is drawn up.

Marcin Iwinski, a board member at CD Projekt Red, spoke briefly to, and confirmed that he was "not satisfied with the end verdict. [...] The most important thing for us is, however, ending the dispute." The developer will now focus on refining the game, which is in the final phase of testing. Iwinski would not be drawn on whether Optimus SA is considering an appeal, although he did reiterate that the company did not want to do anything else that would have any further "negative bearing".

Warner Bros, who had the publishing rights for North America, are unaffected by this decision. The release date for the game remains as Q1 2012, but once the dust settles, we're hoping that a more specific release date will be announced.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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