Ninja Gaiden 3 Screenshots Show Online Modes

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
If I have learnt one thing during my time as a Newshound, it's that Tecmo KOEI don't just release a handful of screenshots – they try to drown us in the new media. The latest batch of screenshots for Ninja Gaiden III are not an exception. We have 30 new screenshots for you, starting with two previews of the game's locations:

9/12 Location 1

9/12 Location 2

The campaign introduces several notable NPCs to players as Ryu romps around London in his bid to thwart a terrorist attack. Here we have Cliff and Mizuki, two of Ryu's allies:

9/12 Cliff

9/12 Mizuki

A blond bombshell named Lovelace also seems to play a significant part in the game. She seems to be very friendly with Ryu's enemy, the Regent of the Mask:

9/12 Lovelace 1

9/12 Lovelace 2

9/12 Lovelace 3

Talking of the Regent of the Mask, here are a few new screenshots of the mysterious enemy. Although he is obviously connected to the events of the game, his motives still remain as unclear as his real identity.

9/12 Regent of the Mask 1

9/12 Regent of the Mask 2

9/12 Regent of the Mask 3

We couldn't show you screenshots of the campaign without providing some of Ryu in action. I'm afraid that there isn't much blood though.

9/12 Campaign 1

9/12 Campaign 2

9/12 Campaign 3

9/12 Campaign 4

9/12 Campaign 5

The game's multiplayer modes have finally been showcased for the first time. 1Up managed to get their hands on a preview version of the game and have shed some light on the things that gamers can expect. Two modes were on display. Up to eight ninjas can take to the arena in a game of Clan Battle (team deathmatch) or Battle Royale (deathmatch).

Points are awarded for pulling off certain attacks or kills. Extra points are also rewarded for completing certain bonus tasks, which bear more than a slight resemblance to the contracts found in Call of Duty: Black Ops. One such task involved performing a "ghost kill". Here players have to nudge the analog stick to walk, rather than run; this enables players to enter an invisible mode and trigger a single surprise attack.

9/12 Online 1

9/12 Online 2

9/12 Online 3

9/12 Online 4

9/12 Online 5

9/12 Online 6

9/12 Online 7

9/12 Online 8

9/12 Online 9

9/12 Online 10

If things are going particularly badly, players are also able to commit harakiri, a form of ritual suicide involving the cutting of the stomach.

9/12 Harikiri 1

9/12 Harikiri 2

Finally, players will be able to customise the appearance of their multiplayer persona. Here is a quick preview of the customisation menus:

9/12 Customisation menu 1

9/12 Customisation menu 2

9/12 Customisation menu 3

Ninja Gaiden III is due to be released in March 2012.
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