QuakeCon: First Rage Public demo

By SeraphimNeeded, 9 years ago
id did their first public demo of Rage today at QuakeCon. At nearly an hour in length, they certainly spent a lot more than the average 20 minutes displaying the game to the public. This game has been compared to Fallout 3 a lot. Those comparisons are certainly understandable, but they really only look at a small portion of the game.

First they gave a quick rundown on the story. At some time in the future, an asteroid called Apophis is discovered hurtling towards Earth. Several ARKs containing 12 people were buried in order to spare humanity. You play a lone survivor of one of the ARKs. This basic storyline and the RPG elements are leading to most of the Fallout comparisons. That is really as far as those comparisons can go and so much more was shown in the demo.

In terms of looks, wow is about the only fitting word. This isn't the standard id corridor shooter by any means. The wasteland areas are wide open areas that look simply amazing. The visuals in these open areas really make me wonder why id never tried it before. That isn't saying that the game is all wide open vistas. Plenty of corridor shooting areas were shown.

In terms of gameplay, there are 3 styles of games all coming together here, Western RPG, FPS, and vehicle combat. On the RPG side, we've got an inventory system, looting, item creation and upgrading, side quests, and exploration. On the FPS side, we've got the combat system with the typical id style and speed. On the vehicle combat side, we've got fast paced combat racing and combat. At least in this demo, all sides seem fairly well put together and balanced.

Now for the part everyone wants to know about, the toys you'll get to play with. First for the vehicles. You'll have access to variety of upgradable vehicles, such as ATVs and dune buggies. Individual components can be upgraded such as wheels, shocks, armor, and, of course, weaponry. Now for what you carry with you. One of the more interesting items was a bladed boomerang. This item will allow for long range stealth kills. You'll also have a traditional set of guns, however, you'll have multiple ammo types for these guns. As said earlier, you'll also have craft-able items. In the demo, they showed RC cars with explosives strapped to the top, anti-personal turrets, and sentry bots. Looks like you'll have plenty to play with allowing you to really customize how you play.

After all is said and done, this is looking like a game you will really want to watch out for, but as it is id we're talking about, would you really expect any less?