Bastion 'Stranger's Dream' DLC Arrives Next Week

By Dog of Thunder, 7 years ago
Supergiant Games' Bastion (Xbox 360) is one of the best arcade games of 2011. The little indie action-RPG that could even made it into TA's Holiday Gift Guide for 2011. While Bastion was still in development, Supergiant Games went on the record as stating that they would not release any DLC. They wanted Bastion to be a truly stand-alone adventure.

Soon after release, when Supergiant Games realized Bastion was a smash hit, they decided to secretly put together some DLC as a thank you this holiday season for all of their fans. Entitled "The Stranger's Dream", this DLC introduces a new Who Knows Where sequence that reveals the backstory of Rucks and some more tidbits about the history of Caeldonia.

In addition, two new play modes will be available in the DLC: Score Attack mode and No Sweat mode. Score Attack mode is just as it sounds, play through the game attempting to get the highest score and secure bragging rights on the brand new leaderboard. No Sweat mode provides a way for people to just enjoy the story by constantly re-spawning from where you died in battle.

Unfortunately, this DLC can not be released for free under Microsoft policy, meaning that Supergiant Games must charge 80 MSP ($1) for the "Stranger's Dream". Personally, I will happy spend $1 to show support for Supergiant Games when the "Stranger's Dream" DLC is available this coming Wednesday.

Two caveats: One, in order to access Rucks' Who Knows Where sequence, you must have finished the game at least once. Early in your New Game+ sequence (or Score Attack playthrough), you will get the chance to try out the new sequence. Secondly, while no new achievements were mentioned by Supergiant Games, it is Microsoft policy to not release free DLC with achievements (generally). Given how Microsoft is making them charge us 80 MSP, there is a chance that the new DLC will have achievements. Nothing has been mentioned, but we will all know next Wednesday.
Credit for this story goes to JuicedBeaver