TA Poll Recap: Week of December 4th, 2011

By Mark Delaney, 7 years ago
Last week, we addressed the many rumors of a new Xbox coming soon...sooner than many would hope, in fact. The poll results, I think, somewhat represented that sentiment — people don't want a new console just yet. Here are the final results:

Do you believe the rumors that we will see a next-gen Xbox console released before the end of 2013?

42.1% - Yes
57.9% - No

We'll never know how many 'No' voters were swayed by their hopes that the rumors aren't true. Even I felt my vote was partially influenced by my disinterest in shelling out another $400 for a new console anytime soon. Then again, many of you made some seemingly good points as to why a new one may not only be in development, but may even be necessary.

Here are some of the highlights of the conversation:

JMJimmy said:
The Wii U barely brings it into the current generation let alone the next generation. It's dead on arrival, especially with a key title (Zelda) launching for the Wii instead of being a launch title for the Wii U.

MS is doing some marketing for the new Xbox at this point (you'll notice the 720 mentioned in Transformers 3) but the only people publicly fanning the flames for it to be released is Crytek. This is because the latest CryEngine is a hot product for them right now and they want other developers to adopt it. The 360 can only run a "dumbed down" version of it so other developers aren't adopting it widely (that and big budget PC gaming is dying a slow death hopefully to be reborn in Windows 8). This means that in 3 years CryEngine will probably be showing it's age and the new Unreal Engine may be better timed for the 720.

Other big developers (Bethesda, Bioware, etc) have said they still haven't fully tapped the potential of the 360 so are happy to stick with it longer.
BlinkFandangoII is worried for the Kinect early-adopters:
I might be wrong, but I'm hoping they don't. The Xbox 360 might be old, but Kinect is new and a lot of people have just invested in it. If Microsoft abandons ship on the millions that purchased a Kinect in order to bring out a new console, then they're screwing themselves over and ruining the huge customer install base they've worked so hard to install.
Potato Handle got technical:
The 360's low-end hardware is starting to show a bit. Several games are coming out on multiple discs now, the 360 is more often than ever being touted as a full-blown media center, but can't play bluray discs. Graphics technology has moved on, and games are often toned down from their PC and PS3 counterparts to reduce frame loss.

All that aside; the Kinect was released pretty recently so I think there will be a fair bit of a wait while MS lets the money roll in from that. I selected "yes" on the poll, but I think mid-late 2013 is about the borderline, it won't be much earlier, but they have every reason to whip up a new console pretty soon.
Lastly, http://www.trueachievements.com/REBORN+GAIDIN.htm made the point I'm afraid to make:
I think 2013 is almost definite for the new console. Many developers complain about the restrictions that 360 is starting to present already. It is just going to get worse in the next year with PCs showing how much more potential there is out there. Throw in the lack of BluRay and the limited current disc space and it gets to the point of just being smart business I think.

I think the Xbox 360 will continue getting support throughout 2014 and SLIGHTLY in 2015 but I firmly believe there will be a new Xbox by the end of 2013!
The poll thread and this thread will remain open for you to continue this discussion — which I believe was the most interesting yet among all the polls I have covered.

You can jump into this week's topic about the future of the Half-Life series, and of course, don't forget to answer the poll!
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