Retail Releases: Week of December 12th, 2011

By Perpalicious,
You guys ready for some brand new, awesome games?!?! Well, you're going to have to wait a while, as this is another extremely slow week.

This week, only Australia gets a release and that's of chippy, tap dancing penguins in Happy Feet Two: The Video Game.

Don't drop your guards for too long. Early 2012 looks to be jam packed with some ridiculous titles such as Bioshock Infinite (hopefully), SoulCalibur V, Final Fantasy XIII-2, and more.

Are you already saving up money for the inevitable rush of video games? Finishing up those old games? If not, start preparing because there is only a limited amount of time.

Australia - December 12th, 2011
Happy Feet 2: The Video Game

[via MightyApe]