New SoulCalibur V Gameplay Video

By litepink, 7 years ago
The top Soul Calibur players descended onto France for Paris Games Week in October, and Namco has released the third in a series of matches played of during the gaming convention.

You can check out the first and second such matches covered previously, with the third on display below. They feature several battles between Z.W.E.I. and Leixia, and some of them get quite intense. One match is so close it's hard to tell who won, as each character only had a slim bar of health left! These videos can be somewhat lengthy, but I enjoy watching some actual gameplay myself, which is what you're getting here.

Taking a break from some gamplay, we have two previously released tutorial videos to show you. These two videos show off the Quick Step and the Critical Edge in SoulCalibur V; why they're important, and how to use them. All with the help of Patroklos and his...mother.

SoulCalibur V is due to be released on January 31st in North America and February 3rd in Europe. Check out the details of the Limited Edition here, and for everything else check out our previous coverage