DiRT Showdown Announcement Trailer

By litepink, 8 years ago
Today, Codemasters has lifted the veil on their newest game in the DiRT series, dubbed DiRT Showdown. The game throws out most of its simulation features in favor of arcade style gameplay and control.

A ton of new details have emerged from an exclusive Gamespot preview. Codemasters confirmed that DiRT Showdown is a departure from the typical realistic rally experiences found in previous DiRT games, but don't fret simulation fans. You'll get a full sim-racing experience with DiRT 4. You can look at Showdown as a spin-off, or a departure, or maybe even a split in the series. However you want to look at it, DiRT Showdown is most certainly not a sequel to DiRT 3.

Expect the game to feature much more theatrics than what you would see in a typical rally game. Whether it's over-the-top pyrotechnics, fireworks, and large crowds, or the ramps, jumps, and pinch points of the arena style tracks, the racer aims to be the most extreme one of the series by far. Contact with other cars is encouraged, and there's an emphasis on stunts, too.

Besides split-screen play, eight-player multiplayer is in store. While there are your typical races and a Career mode, a Demolition Derby mode promises tons of mayhem and fun. There's also many more modes to dive into too, both offline and online. The cars in the game will be a mix of licensed and fictional; ranging between rally cars, trucks, SUVs, buggies, and more.

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DiRT Showdown is slated for a 2012 release for Xbox 360, and like previous titles, will most likely be Games for Windows LIVE enabled on PC.

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