Street Fighter x Tekken Pre-Order Gems Explained

By Dog of Thunder, 7 years ago
Buckle up kids, as Capcom recently released more information on just how the gem system will work in their upcoming fighter Street Fighter x Tekken. Sure we've had some screenshots of the system in action, but nothing like today in which we get an actual breakdown as to what all of the pre-order bonus gems do in the game.

Boost Gems and Assist Gems

First off, every gem falls into one of two categories: boost or assist. Boost gems provide a bonus to one of five areas: attack, defense, speed, vitality or Cross Gauge. Boost gems require criteria to be met each round and are only activate for a short length of time. The more powerful Boost Gems come with a drawback as well.

For example, the Immense Power Boost Gem:

Immense Power Lvl 1
Effect: +10% damage
Duration: 20 seconds
Activation: Land 5 normal moves

Immense Power Lvl 2
Effect: +20% damage
Duration: 15 seconds
Drawback: -10% speed
Activation: Land 10 normal moves

Here's an in-game example of the difference Boost Gems can make, courtesy of Zangief and the Divine Speed Gem.

Now, the other type of gems are Assist Gems and these alter the playing field on a player level. Auto-block attacks (which means you don't have to hit "back" to block)? Easier special move inputs? Tech throws easier? All of these abilities can be provided for you via Assist Gems and these abilities are ALWAYS active.

The catch is a steep drawback, as you can see here for the Auto-Block Gem and Easier Input Gem:

Easy Input

Effect: Special moves become easier to do
Drawback: Attack decreases 10% in battle

Auto Block
Effect: Block attacks automatically
Drawback: Cross Gauge decreases by 1 block when activated

Gem Listings

Every character has three slots for gems and can put in gems of any type. Which is good, since as you can see from the list of gems, there are a lot of options available no matter your play style. The complete list of gems available can be found here.

Do you think that's a lot to digest? You have only seen the tip of this Titanic killing iceberg. Here is the list of gems available from specific retailers:

Gamestop gives us the "World Warrior Pack":

External image

Amazon provides the "Iron Curtain Pack":

External image

Best Buy comes equipped with the "Lightning Legs Pack":

External image

Every special edition of Street Fighter x Tekken also comes with the "King of Iron Fist Pack":

External image

If you pre-order the special edition, you will get not only the "King of Iron Fist Pack" but also the "Cross Arts Pack":

External image

Street Fighter x Tekken will make fighting game history when it is released on March 6th in North America and March 9th in Europe.
Credit for this story goes to HUstlinonradio