Anomaly: Warzone Earth Coming to XBLA Next Year

By Dog of Thunder, 7 years ago
The Tower Defense genre has demonstrated a clear evolution just on the Xbox 360 alone. We started with and brought us co-op game play while Toy Soldiers gave us the ability to take direct control of units and towers. showed us that not all Tower Defense titles were about erecting mazes. and gave us Tower Defense from a third-person perspective as we had to have a powerful avatar work in concert with traps.

Each title has pushed the genre, but none take the bold leap forward like Anomaly: Warzone Earth. This Tower Defense title is a Tower Offense in which you control the minions moving forwards through a battlezone filled with AI controlled towers hellbent on stopping you from reaching your destination. Designed by 11-bit Studios, Anomaly: Warzone Earth has already successfully debuted with PC, Mac and iOS versions. The upcoming XBLA version will include six "Tactical Trials" that are essentially a puzzle-mode.

Here is a gameplay trailer for the PC/Mac version of Anomaly: Warzone Earth. Nice, shiny new HD graphics of the XBLA version will be provided within the next few weeks by 11-bit Studios. For now, this at least provides a taste of how the gameplay works.

Warzone: Anomaly Earth is due for release on the XBLA this Spring.