We've been seeing a lot of the DiRT series lately, with DiRT Showdown being announced, as well as DiRT 3 recently being featured as the Best Buy deal of the day. This week you can purchase two different LIVE enabled PC games from the DiRT series for half off:

DiRT 2 (PC) - $39.99/£34.99 $19.99/£17.49
DiRT 3 (PC) - $49.99/£49.99 $24.99/£24.99

You can download the titles here

While we're on the subject of GFWL deals, we have a few others from outside the xbox.com marketplace to highlight. Two sales are from the site GamersGate [Thanks, fuzzyGURU], and one is from retailer Gamestop.

Dead Rising 2 (PC) - $29.95 $14.98
Dead Rising 2: Off The Record (PC) - $39.99 $19.95

Batman: Arkham City (PC) $49.99 $29.99