Gamestop B1G2 Rock Band/Hero Games Today [US]

By litepink, 7 years ago
Friday brings various one day offers at Gamestop and EB Games customers in the United States and Canada. We've condensed them all in one article for everyone's convenience.

In the United States, PowerUp Rewards members at Gamestop can get Buy 1 Get 2 Free on all pre-owned Rock Band/Guitar Hero/DJ Hero games. Some games are priced between $3-$5, so you could potentially get three games for less than $5! Track pack discs are included as well, which comes out to be a lot cheaper than buying them as DLC separately, and these discs carry their own achievements as well.

For a comprehensive list of music games on special, you can click here. Available while supplies last. For future PowerUp Rewards deals, check out their Deal Calendar.

Gamestop and EB Games of Canada are on Day 3 of their 12 Days of Gaming promotion. Today's deal sees a $50 savings on a gaming headset:

EarForce PX3 Wireless PX3 Headset - $149.99 $99.99

While this may not be the best deal, it was worth mentioning alongside the US deal, as well as a reminder of the on-going Canadian exclusive promo.

Prices valid in-store and online, unless noted.