TA Poll Recap: Week of December 11th, 2011

By Mark Delaney, 7 years ago
In conjunction with last week's flame-bait/opinion piece by osubluejacket dealing with the future of the Half-Life series, last Sunday's poll asked you, the community, to predict when we will see Half-Life 3 released. There were certainly more cynics than optimists in this one, unlike the previous poll.

Here are the full results:

19.7% - 2013
17.9% - After 2013, but before the next console generation
37.7% - During the next console generation
24.7% - Never

Combining the two bottom statistics means nearly two thirds of you don't expect to see the game come out for the 360. Ouch! Others, however, considered it traitorous for obj to even ask if we "really want [or need] Half-Life 3".

Here are some standout comments I read:

Joshnorm scoffed at the comparisons to Duke Nukem Forever:
You can't compare DNF to Half Life 3.
Its going to be started and finished by the same company. A company that has nothing but quality work on the resume and not a 1990's video game character as the only saving grace.

So do I want HL3? Hell Yes. I want to see what happens, where the story is going and what we have in store for the characters. Did I want that for Duke? Nope, thought it would be nostalgic to take Duke for another spin but then I realized everything that was appealing about Duke has worn off with age (both the characters and my own) anyone in Half Life series still has that appeal.
I found Runch Optimus's response genuinely hilarious:
I was fully expecting this article to consist of simply the following:

Yes, we still want Half-Life 3.
GBHPrime84 has it all mapped out:
My opinion; I feel Half Life 3 should be made; however it would honestly require the following to not befall what happened to Duke Forever.

A new game engine not just for the graphics to match modern games looks, but also something to expand and add more to the interactivity with the game world like the Source Engine did for Half Life 2.

New gameplay mechanics. The gunplay and Gravity gun can remain mostly unchanged, but we need some new elements, as well as dedicated new weapons. I let the lack of new weapons mostly pass on the episode expansions, but still it was underwhelming especially when the original Half Life expansions (particullarly Opposing Force) gave you extra guns on top of new story and new exploration and enemy types ontop of the old.

The story; well I trust Valve with the story, but I feel it'll need some bold elements and something new to the Half Life formula to remain fresh and not stagnant. I'm not saying an overhaul of all that makes Half Life good, but new elements intermixed well are good.

My only other thoughts are that if Valve is going to do Half Life 3, they need to start on it if they haven't already and make proper announcements and coverage the concept of a Half Life 2 sequel is not a faded part of our minds. Also it'd be in their best interest to while not rush development but also ensure they don't go much past 2014 as that will be Half Life 2's tenth anniversary, and four years shy of Half Life's 20th.

Bottom line I want Half Life 3 but Valve has to deliver the same WOW factor Half Life 2 did in order to honestly justify making a new one. While old formulas can work well for years, even Mario, Link and Samus got new tweaks to their games here and there that's kept them fresh for good or ill.
This topic, as a whole, was VERY popular and the debate raged on for days. I really don't have room to highlight all of the worthwhile responses, so it may be best to join in on the discussion further.

Who is your favorite in-game sidekick?
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