Renegade Ops Will Receive Two DLC Packs

By DavieMarshall, 7 years ago
Listen up Renegade Ops fans. You can extend the story with more content from the guys at SEGA and Avalanche Studios as of December 21st when the DLC packs hit the Marketplace.

The "Coldstrike Campaign" is first up and will add story driven DLC to the title. We're promised three new arctic levels with new enemies such as Golems, large armoured Drone factories that continuously produce low-flying enemies. The DLC will set you back 400 MSP and adds three more achievements to the title.

The second pack on offer is titled "The Reinforcement Pack" and brings in two new playable characters, each with their own skills and weapons to aid you in combat. The first character, Crystal, brings her "own custom armoured vehicle and her ability to produce a large force field, absorbing enemy weapons to give you and your team time to breathe". The second character, Blazemo, will bring an off-road Racer to the table allowing all terrain access. Blazemo's unique weapon, the Incinerator, allows gamers to light up the enemies and the environment with "a stream of intense fire". This DLC pack is priced at just 240 MSP. SEGA did not note if this pack would include achievements.

Once again, these DLC packs will arrive on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace on December 21st.