King of Fighters XIII Gets Patched Up

By DavieMarshall, 7 years ago
The King of Fighters XIII gamers will no doubt be pleased to hear that a bug fix patch is incoming for the title. The patch has the aim of addressing some outstanding connectivity issues and bugs that have been fed back to the developers.

The patch looks at:

- Making the network infrastructure more consistent for users: Ensures that the evaluation given connections is more accurate to the actual play experience.
- Introduce ranked host-side filtering: Avoid matches with players with poor connections.
- Address a number of rare glitches reported since the game's release.

It's a promising few fixes to the title, but we do not currently have a release date that we can share with you. Atlus (the publishers) have simply stated that the developers (SNK PLAYMORE) are trying their best to get the patch out 'as soon as possible'.