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By Jonathan Barnes, 6 years ago
Happy New Year, everyone!

I’m going to assume that you’ve all resolved to give up complex carbohydrates, caffeinated beverages, and supporting movie tie-in games this year. It’s a noble goal, but I’m going to assume that you’ve already broken two of those resolutions.

Fortunately, The Gamish Inquisition has only one resolution: to become MORE excellent and awesome in 2012. To kick things off I’ll be grilling everyone’s favorite, color-themed Newshound, litepink.

This week, we’ll discuss a little bit of everything: pampered dogs, Saturday Night Live, Call of Duty, and the rest of your favorite topics. So sit back, relax, grab yourself a Bellini or Mimosa, and enjoy this week’s edition of The Gamish Inquisition.


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obj – There’s a story behind every gamertag. What is yours? I’m going to assume that “lightpink”, “darkpink”, “neonpink”, and “fuchsia” were all taken. Confirm, deny, or elaborate.

lp - When I created my gamertag in late 2007, litepink was my first choice, and I got it. Perhaps I would have picked ‘Anna’ or something along those lines, but surely that was taken. The origin of the name litepink is a rather simple one –it’s my favorite color. Spelling it ‘lightpink’ just isn’t as aesthetically appealing to the eye in my opinion, so I wouldn’t have gone down that road even if the option was available.

I think the color pink has a certain attitude to it, and I believe that I convey this mysterious, unexplainable attitude in my day to day life. I’d like to say that “litepink” has become somewhat of an attitude in its own right.

Preferably I like to buy my things in pink if they are available, ranging from consoles to my Dyson vacuum cleaner. Not quite the fan of darker pinks, especially ones that appear purpleish. I like a nice, soft, light pink color. My Japanese Candy Pink Nintendo DS is the perfect example.

obj – If the fascist charlatans at Microsoft were to force you to change your gamertag to include two of your favorite things in life, what would your new tag be?

lp - FamilyTimeOff – I care deeply for my family; my husband and dog, as well as our extended family. I also really enjoy my weekends/holidays to spend with them. Or perhaps, I just hate working is all. If someone has that gamertag, maybe I’ll take Sleep Vinegar instead.

obj – Great… Now all I can think of is a batch of fresh, golden chips with malt vinegar… and I just started the South Beach Diet today… THANKS.

As one of our newest Newshounds, what motivated you to apply to join the team?

lp - I’ve admired the work TA has done from a far, and was hoping I could bring something to the table myself. What I love about the news here is all the ‘extra’ stuff. Yeah, we cover http://www.trueachievements.com/Mass-Effect-3-xbox-360.htm trailers and Call of Duty game announcements, but there’s also things like DLC roundups, GWFL and WP7 stuff, achievement reminders, double xp events, deals postings, and so on. Then you have stuff like this very interview and opinion pieces. Looking forward I’m excited to see more reviews, interviews, and contests in 2012. I feel the news is truly geared towards the achievement hunter more than anywhere else, and I’d like to think we do a hell of a job with the gaming news in general. We’re not perfect –but for many of us our hearts are truly into this.

obj – Working for TrueAchievements is a lot like being a superhero. By night, you’re litepink, writer of stories and hunter of news. What is your secret identity/profession by day?

lp - When I’m not sailing around the world in my personal yacht, flying the skies in my private jet, or scaling the tallest peaks of the world, I take part in the adrenaline filled world of Medical Billing. Sure, I could retire now and live out the rest of my days on my own archipelago, but this job is what truly makes me feel alive.

obj – That reminds me that we need to get the hounds together for a party at the yacht club on our super-secret, mid-Atlantic island.

Where is home for you and, if I were to visit, what kind of awesome things would I have to do before I left. While “awesome” is a highly subjective term, anything that involves fur-covered creatures, light snacks, and sparkle parties is unequivocally awesome.

lp - I reside in Central MN. You know all those jokes about Minnesota and how cold it is and there’s tons of snow and that we’re all nice to each other? All true. We’re having a freak year here though, and there’s no accumulated snow right now. I’ll take brown grass over slushy/icy roads and wet pant bottoms.

obj, if you were to visit I’d probably say “let’s get out of the St. Cloud area, and see what else Minnesota has to offer” (assuming you want me as a tour guide). Perhaps we could visit the Mall of America, which isn’t quite as cool as you’d might think, but rather fun that’s for sure. We’ll visit the indoor Nickelodeon theme park there and ride the Rock Bottom, or the Fairly Odd Coaster perhaps. Afterwards you can buy me a Freshens yogurt with sprinkles, and we’ll visit the Microsoft store and show off our mad Dance Central skills with the Kinect they are demoing.

Then we’ll make our way to Target Field, and for one night we’ll forget that the Twins aren’t in the pennant race this year and we’ll cheer them on with all our might. Joe Mauer will pinch hit in the ninth (he had the day off), and hit a laser to center field to start a ninth inning rally, and will conclude with a Denard Span hit to right field off the limestone overhang. Fireworks will paint the sky and we’ll high five each other and random strangers around us.

obj – I have family in Apple Valley, and have been kicked out of the Mall of America a handful of times for “expressing my love” with the Lego Jango Fett. Also, as a hardcore Detroit Tigers fan, I think I’d rather see Justin Verlander strike out Mauer on a 101mph fastball in the bottom of the 9th. Aside from that, your suggestions sound lovely.

How’s the homelife? Is there a pinkhusband, pinkwife, pinkchild, pinkdog, pinkcat, and/or Pinky & The Brain in your life and, if so, how do they feel about gaming?

lp - I’m married, and have pets. I have a dog who I care for very very much. This year we got to take her to see Santa, it was one of my highlights of the year. She goes everywhere with us, I love her like I would a child. I also have three cats too. I love animals, and have a hard time not taking in strays. If I wasn’t married, I’d probably be a crazy cat lady! :P My husband and I share a few gaming interests, which surprisingly includes the Kinect Fun Labs stuff, in addition to Tiger Woods golf, Call of Duty, and a few others. We’ll team up for co-op a lot as well. However, our interests do vary so separate setups and consoles are always nice.

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My dog takes issue with my gaming habits sometimes. The perfect example is when I got http://www.trueachievements.com/Kinectimals-xbox-360.htm. I’m standing there… leaning, jumping, and what not (she seems to get confused when I play Kinect), then I’m playing tug-o-war and petting my Kinectimal tiger…and I look down and she’s giving me a look. It’s the “why you standing there? Let’s play!” look. As much as love achievements, and as cute as Kinectimals is, I have my very own ‘Kinectimal’ in real life, and no amount of gamerscore can replace that. I promptly sold the game that next day. I find plenty of time for gaming though, and balance it out with everything else quite nicely in my opinion.

obj – I’ll see your Santa dog and raise you my Reindeer Border Collie!

Outside of gaming, what is your favorite form of media and your favorite artist within that media?

lp - Can’t pick just one. If you were to steal my iPod, you’d find thousands of songs, but at the top of the most played you’d most likely find Michael Jackson, a little band called Sherwood, and anything Glee related. You’d also find a ton of gaming songs; 8 bit and 16 bit classics like from Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario World, Zelda, to more modern ones like Bully and Mario Galaxy. I seriously jam out to these songs!

My TV viewing habits involve an unhealthy obsession with American Dad. Always been a fan of Family Guy (although it's been slipping as of late), so I thought I’d check out “that one other show Seth McFarlane does.” It quickly grew into my favorite show, and I literally watch on a nightly basis. I start at Volume 1 and go through to Vol. 6, then start over, and over. I recently ditched my cable, so I’ll miss watching Spongebob and iCarly, as well as Friends reruns later on Nick at Nite. I have Hulu Plus now so I’ll be entertained with 37 seasons of SNL and a whole lot more. And as mentioned, big Glee fan.

I have a few rock solid movie favorites. I can recite every line of The Nightmare Before Christmas, and I’m getting close to that point with Disney’s Tangled. Got introduced to Star Wars a few years ago, and couldn’t believe what I was missing!

obj – I’d take issue with the 37 season of SNL, because only about 17 of them (and I can give you specific seasons) are worth watching.

What is your biggest real-life achievement?

lp - I’d be lying if I said “getting my job”, because frankly I just don’t like working whatsoever. I’d have to say that I got the achievement for getting all the other achievements, as I am totally thrilled at where I am today with my family, house, vehicle, friends, possessions and hobbies.

obj – You are to be stranded on a desert island as part of an experiment. You know for a fact that you will be brought home within one year and that your basic needs (food, fresh water, shelter, etc) will be provided by the island. You can take five comfort items with you. What do you take and why?

lp - This is a toughie. I’d bring my Ugly Doll monster plush. Sounds weird and childish, but he has gone everywhere with me; on trips, moving from place to place.

My Candy Pink DS, as mentioned. Don’t play it much anymore, but definitely a comfort item. Since it is imported, I never see anyone else toting one around, so it’s something special and unique.

Assuming my dog is there too, I’d bring along her favorite toy, a squeaky ball which has lost all its orange fluff. When she’s happy, I’m happy. If she can’t come along…well I’d be heartbroken beyond belief, so then I’d bring one of her other favorites to remind me of her. A year without here though…I’d just die!

My phone! Can’t survive without it!

For my fifth, I’d choose a particular video game I’m sure…

obj – As part of The Gamish Inquisition, is there a particular question you’d like me to ask that I have not? As always, an answer to this question is recommended, but not required, as I’m getting a lot better at fabricating hilariously false answers.

lp - Why haven’t you asked me about my first gaming memory yet? Hopefully we get to that.

Some other good questions could be: What did you think when you got your first achievement? What’s your favorite achievement?, What’s your proudest achievement/gaming moment. To these three I would answer:

1. Huh what are these…are they required??

2. The SKX in Condemned 2: Bloodshot. It’s so inventive and ties together SP and MP creatively

3. It’s a tie between Mile High Club in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Demon on Wheels in Trials HD, Strings of Steel in The Gunstringer, and Star 69 in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

obj – Let’s kick off The Gamish Inquisition with a picture of your setup as well as a quick explanation of its features.

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lp - I decided to forego a picture of my setup and chose to highlight my small display of mostly gaming memorabilia instead. If you really want to see my setup, close your eyes, imagine a neat looking and decent sized black Samsung TV (42”), on a shelf display with a MW2 Console, Sony Blu Ray Player, and Kinect sensor all on there –very boring, but perhaps a ‘clean’ look. I also have another set up with a smaller white Samsung and some Logitech speakers. Works for me, but not as cool as some of our other community members setups so didn’t feel the need to post it. smile

Anyways, there’s some pretty neat stuff on my display shelf, and a ton of stuff stored away because it simply got too full. I love collecting Princess Peach items like figures and her in her racing kart and what not. Peach is my absolute favorite character across all games, and besides this site (which uses your gamerpic), she is my feature avatar for forums and websites I frequent.

obj – What is your first gaming memory?

lp - Oh, glad you asked! I remember playing Dr. Mario on the original NES (you know…when that was the most current system). It had to haggle the controller away from my mother because sometimes she wouldn’t share!

obj – My mom was a controller hog, too! She monopolized Dragon Warrior, Tetris, and Star Tropics.

Let’s imagine that the first video game you ever played had achievements. What would have been the first achievement you would have received?

lp - Well, since I think it was indeed Dr. Mario, I would have to say “Pharmacist” –create a combo chain of 2 or more. Wouldn’t it be awesome if some of these Nintendo properties had achievements? I’d surely 1000/1000 Super Mario World if there was such thing.

obj – What is your console history, and, aside from the 360 of course, what is your favorite console?

lp - If one was deciphering my answers well enough, they would know that for most of my life I’ve been a biased Nintendo fan. Anyone who follows gaming knows that Nintendo has awesome first party offerings. It’s just disappointing the direction they are going with their online functionality (BTW, add me on the Wii, my friend code is 5439058403958043958043958, then we can play a game and not talk to each other), and the lack of great third party games. When they do get third party games, they usually are the inferior version due to graphics and the online aspects.

My favorite, besides 360, would have to be the Super NES. I still have mine hooked up and go back to Pilotwings, Super Mario World, DKC, Arkanoid and more. Love the graphics, the controller, the games. It was just perfect. Otherwise, I’ve had or dabbled into just about every major system since the NES, and even got quite hooked on some oddball ones, like the NeoGeo Pocket Color, which had the most satisfying “click-stick” analog.

obj – It’s no secret that one of your favorite games is http://www.trueachievements.com/Call-of-Duty-4-xbox-360.htm, a game that you have said is (and I quote), “Jesus and the Lord's gift to the human race”. What makes that game so special for you?

lp - The world was created in 7 days, and on that 7th day God rested. The years and millennia passed buy…and God grew bored. Even though the world is filled with evil and turmoil, God still felt that he should bestow a gift upon his children. It would be a gift for those who are faithful, and perhaps a wakeup call for those who have lost faith. “Hey, let’s make a schweet FPS”, suggested Jesus. So together, they helped make Call of Duty 4. They didn’t have a hand in future titles, so while the sequels were not perfect, they were moulded after COD 4’s vision.

All teasing aside, I feel that Call of Duty 4 just has everything. It had an engrossing single player, with *just* the right amount of difficulty. Remember Mile High Club? You could argue that this is thee achievement. More importantly though, the multiplayer was simply fantastic in my eyes. If I could go beyond 10th prestige, I’d likely be at 50th by now. This is a game where I just never get bored with. The level of competitiveness just had me coming back for more.

COD4 gave me 100’s (probably 1000+, no lie) hours of entertainment spanning several years, and it’s something I’ll never forget. I like to go back to it from time to time.

obj – Since you wrote our official TA review for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, I really want to ask if you could “feel” a difference in the game, given the brain drain over at Infinity Ward?

lp - Love that you used the world “feel”. Although the general consensus is that Call of Duty is the same every year, I think some of the games just have a certain “feel” to it that’s different enough from its predecessors. With that said, I felt that MW3 felt a lot like MW2 despite the changes at IW. It’s not the worst thing in the world to me, I enjoyed MW2 quite a bit. Oddly enough I thought Black Ops felt more like COD4 rather than MW2 or even WaW. I was totally not excited for Black Ops, as at the time I felt Treyarch shouldn’t be handling the series. Upon playing it though, I felt the game’s feel was similar to that of my favorite title, COD4, so I grew to love Black Ops very much.

To answer your question then, NO, I don’t think I felt much of a difference. This wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, as my review clearly stated. The game has and will give me plenty of hours of entertainment, so just because it isn’t the best Call of Duty title (in my eyes), it’s still great.

As to those reading these two questions in succession and are thinking “why did someone with such bias review the latest COD release?”. To that I say I actually I have really high expectations, so I can be easily let down when things aren’t absolutely perfect. For this review I cleared my mind and rated it based of its entertainment value which encompassed all aspects of the game. Using a star rating system (which varies greatly of that of say rating it out of 100), I felt it deserved 5 stars.

obj – I also eschew the thinking that a fan of the series can’t impartially review a game. If anything, the previous knowledge and experience of the reviewer can greater inform their opinion of the title. Furthermore, I think we’re all “professional” enough to make an unbiased statement of quality based out of subjective opinion.

Put on your prognosticator hat. Where do you think Treyarch will go with next year’s, inevitable, CoD release?

lp - Rumors are pointing towards a Black Ops 2, and I’m lead to believe that is where they’re going. That’s fine with me, as I adored the first Black Ops. Some people think that the franchise only succeeds on name alone, to which I cry malarkey. There’s no way it would be the best selling series just based off name alone. They’re obviously doing some things right, and if you believe otherwise your being naïve frankly. Having said that, even a fan of the series is going to have a hard time defending Black Ops 2 if it’s “much of the same”.

obj – I also agree here. I’m not a Call of Duty fan, but games don’t succeed this long just on “name recognition”, there always has to be a quality game behind that name to generate sales and loyal customers.

You’re also a big fan of Kinect, with most of your best achievements coming from http://www.trueachievements.com/The-Gunstringer-xbox-360.htm. What game do you feel has best utilized the Kinect tech and where would you like to see developers go with the peripheral?

lp - Yup, I’m a fan of Kinect and Call of Duty, and not afraid to let people know that. Both probably aren’t the most popular views among gamers, I’d fare a lot better if I said I’m a “http://www.trueachievements.com/Skyrim-xbox-360.htm and http://www.trueachievements.com/Mass-Effect-xbox-360.htm ” fan. laugh

The Gunstringer is just the perfect example of what is great about Kinect. I have a hard time to sum it up in words, but Chad and Jessie did an excellent job in doing so (in their review), as did the review on Joystiq. What a breath of fresh air not only for Kinect but for games in general. They are right up there for utilizing the Kinect in the best way. Yes, it’s a rail shooter, something you’d expect from Kinect, but it’s the funnest rail shooter out there.

External image

But as I highlighted in our TA Holiday guide, I felt http://www.trueachievements.com/Rise-of-Nightmares-xbox....htm was an underrated gem. With a $10 off coupon I took a risk and got RoN near launch…hoping it’d provide the over-the-top violence promised in promo trailers, but fully expecting it could be a generic title that’s impossible to control. I was thoroughly impressed with the title, and thought the controls were fantastic. The story wasn’t the greatest and the environments were a bit bland, but I thought the gameplay was exhilarating. Some reviews said the controls were awkward, and that they would get stuck on walls, or that it had a learning curve to it. Was I playing the same game?? Do I have some sort of Kinect 2.0?? I didn’t find any of these qualms with the controls, I felt it came to me very naturally. Many others who got the title felt the same way from my discussions with them.

On top of the great gameplay/controls, RoN had a nice menu system as well. Going forward, I think Kinect needs to make vast improvements on this. For obvious reasons, the games want you to hover above a choice for a few seconds to confirm your answer. There are some menus which just take too long to navigate through (looking at you, http://www.trueachievements.com/Kinect-Joy-Ride-xbox-360.htm). I hope they streamline them going forward. The Gunstringer has the ability to pause the game with your voice; much more convenient than holding your left arm at 45 degrees. Rise of Nightmares let you change how long the “confirm time” could be for those confident in their Kinect orchestrating. I’d like for better, faster, voice controls. As it stands now, most games you need to YELL: “XBOX…GOLF…ONE PLAY-ER. YES!!!!!”. I’d also love options to restart events/levels quicker –this can be said for any type of game though. Perhaps I could say: “Quick Start Table Tennis” to begin a new match of Table Tennis, rather than pausing, selecting restart, then confirming I want to restart.

Also, controller supports for menus should be required. Motion works well for several Kinect menus, but the option would be nice. Seems like the games that control well with motion are only ones with an option for controller navigation =/. And why are there so many problems with signing in/Kinect ID. When I sign in upon turning on my console, I don’t want to sign in anymore! Why do some Kinect games require you to re-sign in, or if you walk away for a second, it might not detect your identity right, and suddenly you’re playing as a Guest. Some games even require Kinect ID. Like I said…I sign in when I turn the console on…THAT’S the profile I want to be on. If I wanted to switch, I’ll hit the center button and switch.

obj – As a fan of Skyrim and Mass Effect, let me tell you that it does not get any easier. We RPG nerds are almost impossible to 100% please.

Now that we’ve reached the end of 2011, what was your Game of the Year for 2011 and why?

lp - I tend to pick very controversial game of the year candidates. Because you know, it is MY game of the year, right? Here’s my pick from the previous few years:

2007 - Call of Duty 4
2008 - Call of Duty 4
2009 - Call of Duty 4
2010 - Red Dead Redemption

You’re likely thinking: Wait, what? Is that a typo? Call of Duty 4 is there three years in a row!? That’s right though…my game of the year was COD 4 three years running. Yeah, I know people usually pick a game that came out THAT year, but that’s not my GOTY criteria. I look back at 2008/9, and I felt no game was more enjoyable than COD 4. Do I think Red Dead Redemption is a better game overall? No, but it’s a spectacular game, and fit under my GOTY criteria for that year.

So who gets the crown in 2011? Is it Modern Warfare 3? Perhaps Call of Duty 4 again?? It is neither…my 2011 GOTY did come in fact out this calendar year, and it was The Gunstringer. No other game gave me that pure unequivocal joy quite like The Gunstringer. Sure, it’s short, but I don’t mind. I’m too busy with work and family to play too many long and winding epics.

obj – Looking forward to 2012, what is your most-anticipated game and why?

lp - Again, one might expect the next Call of Duty iteration to be my answer, but no, it’s http://www.trueachievements.com/SoulCalibur-V-xbox-360.htm. As a veteran of Soul Edge and Soul Cal 1+4, I’m just loving what I’m seeing from Namco’s next fighter. I’m not really into fighting games either, but I just happen to like Namco branded fighters (SoulCalibur, Tekken). The characters, stages, and graphics look great. I’m excited to make my loin clothed, muscular fighter “Beefcake” once again.

External image

You see, that’s the thing - I tend to be somewhat versatile in my gaming tastes. I like Call of Duty, but I also enjoy many Kinect titles as well, in addition to http://www.trueachievements.com/Gears-of-War-xbox-360.htm, the Condemned Series. I also like XBLA titles, Windows Phone 7 games, and even dabble into a few sport series’ as well. Not to mention music/rhythm games, and even family titles as well. If you are looking for decent gamerscore, perhaps for the upcoming GTASC, you have to check out Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. It’s so much fun, you’ll forget your score whoring. I do some of that on occasion too (score whoring).

obj – Suddenly and without warning, you are abducted by aliens who demand that you justify the existence of video games by showing them ONE game that can be defended as the pinnacle of the medium. What game do you show them and why?

lp - Wow, this is tough. I’m going to dig in the vault and go with Metroid Prime on the Gamecube. The combination of FPS, platforming, puzzle solving, story, and ability progression makes this the “pinnacle” example of a game. In fact, it’s so good at being a game, sometimes you just forget your “playing” something. I think just about any game in the Metroid series could fall under that category. I also think Super Mario Galaxy is another great example too, but in a different way of course. That progression and build up, while discovering new things and new abilities really defines “what is a game” to me.

Gosh, I kind of want to go revisit Metroid, like right now. I guess I’ll finish up here first wink

obj – Let’s imagine that you’re Commander Shepard and have been tasked with assembling an elite unit of four video game characters to defend humanity from an oncoming threat. Which four characters do you put on your squad and why?

lp - I’ll bring with…Mario, because besides his numerous powerups, he usually has a ton of lives and unlimited continues these days.

Captain Price because he’s “one tough SOB”.

I’ll bring my avatar, the star of many Xbox 360 titles. . This oncoming threat won’t know what hit it after they see my ponytail and heart and crossbones shirt.

And...the “Game Genie”. He fights dirty, but will get the job done.

obj – On the flip side, let’s imagine you are sitting at the right hand of Boethiah, the Daedric Prince of Murder and Deceit in The Elder Scrolls, and you can advise him to smite four video game characters. Who are you rubbing out?

lp - Napoleon Dynamite, since he did indeed star in a game. I’m like, really easy to please when it comes to movies, but I just hated that one. Can’t believe they made a game of it

Someone from the game http://www.trueachievements.com/Eragon-xbox-360.htm. It was just so terrible…kill someone off there…

Teammate who doesn’t help out in Search and Destroy on Call of Duty. This falls under many categories:

-Those strictly concerned about K/D (you’re playing the wrong mode).

-Those too scared to even take on a 2 vs. 1 situation.

-Those generally unaware, such as the type who decides they’ll grab the
bomb when they won’t have enough time to plant it.

-Those who showboat, especially the ones who suck at it. “Oh cool you 360-tomahawked someone, I’ve never seen that before, and it was totally worth going 1-7 and losing it for our team.”

-Any many, many more. In fact, can I use all of these types of people for my four to smite??

obj – And now, lightest shade of light red, are you ready for some Lightning Round!?

lp - I was born ready. I came out as a baby crying and crying, then suddenly I stop and with a stone cold serious face I said “let’s do this”.

Warning, my Favorite Villain answer could be a spoiler…although you should have played Portal 2 already…

Favorite Game Opening

lp - Dance Central 2 – video

Favorite Game Ending

lp - HAS to be the ending to Super Mario World

Favorite Game Setting

lp – Condemned series

Favorite Game NOT on the 360

lp – Super Mario World

Favorite Developer

lp - Twisted Pixel ::short circuits::

Favorite Game Protagonist

lp - Princess Peach!

Favorite Game Villain

lp - Not only GLaDOS, but also I think I can count Wheatley too.

Favorite Games Journalist

lp - 1. You! wink Otherwise I’d say Justin McElroy from Joystiq.

If you could have lunch/a drink with one real person from “the gaming world” who would it be?

lp - Shigeru Miyamoto. Couldn’t see how anyone could say anything different.

If you could punch one real person from “the gaming world” who would it be?

lp - I don’t think I’d punch anyone…I’d feel bad when it came down to it . I would like to ask the developers of http://www.trueachievements.com/Fuzion-Frenzy-2-xbox-360.htm, “What the hell happened!?!!”

obj - Any final thoughts, shout-outs or soap-box statements?

lp - Oh my God, is this like, then end of Saturday Night Live right before the credits roll?? I’ve always wanted to do that!!

“That’s our show! Thanks to the legend – Alec Baldwin, for stopping by. I want to say thanks the greatest cast in world. And give it up for Kings of Leon!! To all the crew, the people of New York: it’s been a hell of a week here. GOODNIGHT EVERYBODY! HAPPY NEW YEAR”

**horn section starts up**
**credits start rolling roll**

**I hug and shake hands with everyone and make small talk**


As the voice of Don Pardo and the horn of Lenny Pickett fade away, I'd like to give a big thanks to litepink for giving her time to kick off the new year in style.

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