NBA LIVE 07 - Online with 1,000 people!

By Aerodynamo, 9 years ago
Greetings, folks!

If you have NBA LIVE 07, you might be aware of one achievement that is seemingly impossible at this time. That achievement, of course, is PHUTURE 909's achievements in NBA LIVE 07.

In an attempt to get this achievement for himself and 999+ other members on oursite, PHUTURE 909 has created a gaming session for those interested. The details for this are in the external link below.

For some quick details, the event will take place on October 3rd, which gives you little more than a month to get prepped for this event.

So call your friends, pick up copies of the game, and do what needs to be done to make this happen! For all of those interested, sign up ASAP and save the date!

As an advocate of gaming etiquette, I'd like to make a request to those of you that do sign up to the session. Please, do not leave the session the moment YOU have the achievement. Plan to stick around for two hours. There will still be more people getting on during that time, and some of us forget about others when going for our own gamerscore. Be considerate and think of your TrueAchievement brothers (and sisters!) who need the achievement too.

Cheers, and happy gaming! I'll provide more updates as the date gets closer. I hope to include things like a count of the gamers currently in the session, and after the session takes place (successfully, of course!), it would be neat to see if we can get a count from the scanners on how many new gamers have the achievement!

I'm Aerodynamo, and I approve this message.
Credit for this story goes to PHUTURE 909