Orc Attack Confirmed for XBLA

By Ashley Woodcock, 6 years ago
Casual Brothers Games have confirmed that their upcoming hack & slash title Orc Attack, will be making it's way onto XBLA.

A combo of up to four players can team up for some button-mashing co-op action, as each player takes on the role of an Orc on a mission to seek vengeance on the horrible humans of this world:

The humans came in their thousands. They poisoned our food supplies and made the waters toxic. We escaped to the mountains but the damage had been done. Having ingested the poisonous fruits we now suffer from explosive flatulenceā€¦ But our weakness will become our greatest weapon!
Casual Brothers want players to have a "joyous experience" when the game's released, this could all depend on what kind of humour and jokes you're into. The game will come fully packed with a variety of comedic enemies, funky sound effects and gross killer moves, mainly based around farts and other specials from the 'back' being the bringers of death to the pitiful humans. Players can choose between one of four Orcs to work through the 25 missions with, Sir Sniff, Doc Turd, Lord Poop, and Friar Krap. Each Orc comes 'equipped' with their own style of 'burp & fart', each of these offering different offensive or defensive abilities. Efficient teamwork and solo combat will allow the player to rank up and become more powerful and effective with their weapon, collecting gold means that improved weapons and armour can be purchased to aid the player.

For those of you who may not have seen this before, here is a four-player co-op trailer for the title showing us the Orcs in action, with plenty of burping, farting, jumping, hacking and slashing:

Orc Attack is currently scheduled for a Q4 2012 release.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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