New Improved Release Calendar

By Rich Stone, 6 years ago
Hi all!

One of the oldest sections of TA has long been in need of a revamp - the old release calendar was integrated with a google calendar, was a nightmare to update, and frankly looked incredibly shabby.

With the hard work the News and Content team have been putting into the new Pre-Release game functionality, I thought it high time we used that data and redesigned the release calendar from the ground up.

You can find the new calendar here:

Game Release Schedule

January is looking a little bare at the moment (especially for EU releases), but scroll over to February and you should find links to the games that are coming out in that time. There's also links to all the latest Pre Release stories on the right-hand side.

You can find a link to this schedule in the Site Pages menu, or linked from the Release Dates themselves on the Pre Release Game pages.

Note: Games will only appear on the Calendar when we have a confirmed release date for them.

Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
Creator of TrueAchievements, TrueTrophies and TrueSteamAchievements. Writes site news and still finds time for the odd game here and there. Loves Racing games and Shooters, yet to be convinced that any RPG is worth the time investment!