Gravity Guy (WP) Update Adds New Levels, DLC

By litepink,
When Gravity Guy (WP) was released back in September, it contained two achievements for levels not even available yet. Today's free update changes that, with the 29 new levels as well as the full 200 GS and 20 total achievements now obtainable (if you possess the proper mobile gaming skills that is).

Here we have the details of the Version 1.1 Update:

-Added Fast App Switching support
-Added the Rescue Chapter to Story Mode (29 new levels)
-Added two paid DLCs:
Slowdowns: Slows down the game for 90 seconds.
Shields: Gravity Guy gets a shield which prevents him from dying if he gets hit by the chaser. The shield durability is one shot.
The "Rescue Chapter" levels and two achievements come along with the update at no extra charge. The paid DLC in the patch notes refers to new powerups which can be purchased using MSP. For example, the update grants you three free Slowdown powerups, but once you use those up, you have the option of buying 5 more for 160 MSP.

To recap, the new levels and full 200 GS are free when you update your game, with optional DLC support now added. Gravity Guy is available on the Windows Phone marketplace for $2.99/£2.29.

We've got the full list of Gravity Guy (WP) achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.