SoulCalibur V Gameplay Features the Ladies

By litepink,
The world of SoulCalibur is populated by fighters of both genders, but today's gameplay trailers for SoulCalibur V focuses strictly on the female combatants. Consequently, you'll then get to see a bit of their competitors as well.

This first set of battles features a series staple and one of its most popular characters, Ivy. With her Valentine snake sword at hand, she makes quick work of her bird-beaked custom character opponent.

On the other end of the dress spectrum, we have Hilde making her return following her debut in SoulCalibur IV. This brave and noble warrior does battle with the [playable] guest character Ezio Auditore of Assassin's Creed fame.

New to the series is the demon fighting ninja, Natsu. As an apprentice to Taki, Natsu grows worried when her master doesn't return from a short journey. She'll accompany Leixia as her bodyguard in hopes of finding her.

We last saw her sporting multiple ponytails in a tight red outfit, but in this alternate costume Natsu adorns a much comfier look and easier to manage hairstyle. Once again a customer character serves as an opponent.

SoulCalibur V releases January 31st in North America, February 2nd in Australasia and Japan, and February 3rd in Europe. As always be sure to check out our previous coverage for more screens, trailers, and gamplay, as well as details on the Collector's Edition and pre-order bonuses.