Even More Fallout 3 DLC Coming

By Aeris Gainzbrah, 9 years ago
It has been announced that Fallout 3 will have another two downloads head our way soon. Very soon in fact!

In a recent interview lead producer Jeff Gardiner revealed that we will soon see 'The Pitt', which is another Operation Anchorage type extra mission based in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. However, the real news came with the information of the third installment of DLC. Titled 'Broken Steel' the content will not only change the ending of the main quest but will add new enemies, weapons and will interestingly add the ability to 'alter the wasteland in profound new ways'. The level cap has now also been increased to 30, for an even longer social life destroying experience.

The DLC will also make Fallout 3 only the second title to have an Achievement total of more that 1250, giving it a juicy 1350 points altogether.

Unfortunately however, there was no announcement regarding Dogs that aren't made of wafers.

Still, we will see the first installment sometime next month.