Diablo 3 Officially Coming to Consoles [UPDATED]

By Jonathan Barnes, 6 years ago

The "will they or won't they" continues... and it's seriously starting to reach Sam & Diane proportions. Earlier this afternoon, Blizzard sent the following message to Game Informer:

Bashiok’s response on Twitter was intended as a confirmation that we’re actively exploring the possibility of developing a console version of Diablo III, as we’ve mentioned in the past. This is not a confirmation that Diablo III is coming to any console platform.

Our focus right now is on finishing the PC/Mac version of Diablo III and making sure it’s a worthwhile successor to the Diablo series.

In a story that has had more "will they or won't they" than Ross & Rachel, Blizzard has finally given what looks like an official confirmation that their highly anticipated Diablo III will indeed be coming to consoles at some point in the future.

Several sources are now reporting that Blizzard has tasked Josh Mosqueira (who has worked on several titles including Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War) to lead the team that will bring Blizzard's looting orgy to consoles.

Now this is not a confirmation that "consoles" equates to the 360, but given its popularity, it seems almost a no-brainer that Blizzard (and, by extension, Activision) will want the game on all of the major home consoles.

As always, be sure to keep your eyes on TrueAchievements as more details (like the all important release date) come to light.

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Jonathan Barnes
Written by Jonathan Barnes
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