Update for Ghostscape (WP) Detailed

By litepink,
Windows Phone site WPCentral has acquired the details of the Version 1.1 Update to Ghostscape (WP). While the game is generally regarded for having some easy gamerscore, the escape from the haunted house was riddled with some issues of orbs or items not appearing correctly. Sometimes, obtaining these items weren’t counted towards your progress either. Naturally, this put a hindrance on obtaining achievements. Most of these issues had workarounds, such as reinstalling the game, but the issues were certainly annoying for those affected.

Here is the [very short] list of changes:

•Fixed translation error in the Spanish build that was causing lockups
•Issues with gameplay elements like orbs not appearing or resetting properly have been addressed
Hopefully these little tweaks can go a long way in fixing some of the hiccups that some were encountering in Ghostscape.

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