Bang Bang Racing Car Class Details

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago
The Car Classes trailer for didn't show us much to be honest. Four classes were teased, each put together from four different-looking types of car, but as for details, we didn't have any for you. Now we have those details.

The first class is the Apex class. This class includes the fastest cars in the game, and they closely resemble Formula 1 cars. However, like Formula 1 cars, they are very fragile and require careful control if players want to survive the race.

Apex class

The second class is the Evo GT class. Mastery of this class will take time. Packed with nitro, these cars have amazing acceleration and can drift around corners with ease.

Evo GT class

The third class is the N-Dura class. These are the slowest cars of the four classes and are intended to introduce players into the game. Controlling the cars feels good and they have a strong grip on the track. They'll even give players their first taste of nitro gas.

N-Dura class

The final class is the Protech class. Although they aren't the fastest class, these cars don't follow too far behind the Apex cars. Use of the brakes is a must for this class.

Protech class

Each class has five different cars from which you can choose. Each car has different acceleration, top-speed, nitro, strength and steering/handling attributes. Players can customise the paint jobs on their cars and there will be eight unlockable skins.

Unlockable skins

Bang Bang Racing is "coming soon". A price is also yet to be confirmed.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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