Perfect Game Challenge Returns to MLB 2K12

By litepink, 6 years ago
For the third year in a row, 2K Sports is conducting their $1 Million Perfect Game Challenge in their annual baseball incarnation. The contest has evolved significantly for Major League Baseball 2K12, offering players nearly a month to pitch the most “dynamic” perfect game. The challenges in the past were looking for the first player to record, pitch, and submit their perfect game. Although the perfect game is the focus of the competition once again, this time around players can pitch multiple perfect games throughout the month to throw the ‘best’ game.

Starting on Major League Baseball’s Opening Day, April 4th, 2012, players can attempt to compete for one of eight spots in the finalist event. An all-new dynamic leaderboard will rank the top perfect games thrown, and gamers can repeatedly attempt to improve their position on the leaderboard through the end of April. The top eight players on the leaderboard will compete in a live finalists event to determine the winner of the one million dollars.

The submission process for a perfect game has been made a lot easier this time around. This year, you just need to compete in the Perfect Game Challenge mode, and submit a unique code upon completion at In the past people needed to submit an actual video recording from start to finish. This year, the process has been simplified greatly.

You’ll have plenty of time to practice ahead of the April 4th challenge start date, as Major League Baseball 2K12 releases on March 6th.