Armored Core V Release Date Confirmed

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago
The release date for Armored Core 4 was only a vague 2012 when we last received news for this title. I can now confirm that the game will be released on March 20th in North America and March 23rd in Europe. If you're lucky enough to live in Japan, you get to play the game a full two months earlier; January 26th is the magic date for this region.

Developer From Software has created a more robust single player campaign, as well as revolutionising their multiplayer battles. The massive online battles will be faster and quicker than those found in the game's predecessors. Gameplay will focus on tactics and using the geographical layout of a level to effectively decimate the enemy. Customisation will also play a large part; there will be countless unlockable parts for players to use when creating their ultimate mech. Have a quick look at some more screenshots that we haven't shown to you previously.

12/1/12 Screenshot 11

12/1/12 Screenshot 21

12/1/12 Screenshot 20

12/1/12 Screenshot 19

12/1/12 Screenshot 18

12/1/12 Screenshot 17

12/1/12 Screenshot 16

12/1/12 Screenshot 15

12/1/12 Screenshot 14

12/1/12 Screenshot 13

12/1/12 Screenshot 12

12/1/12 Screenshot 10

12/1/12 Screenshot 9

12/1/12 Screenshot 8

12/1/12 Screenshot 7

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12/1/12 Screenshot 5

12/1/12 Screenshot 4

12/1/12 Screenshot 3

12/1/12 Screenshot 2

12/1/12 Screenshot 1

Japanese players will also be the lucky recipients of a demo for the game. The demo is due to be released on January 21st and will initially include both single player and multiplayer modes. However, the multiplayer modes will only be available to try for January 21st and January 22nd. The single player mode will remain unaffected after this date. There is no word on whether the demo will spread to other regions, but we'll let you know when we receive more information.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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