Ninja Gaiden III Screenshots and Trailer

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago
March is going to be an incredibly busy month, meaning that Ryu Hayabusa's latest challenge in is going to have to be special in order to stand out. The Regent of the Mask is pushing Ryu to his limits, but he must press forward if he is to eliminate the growing terrorist threat that is wreaking havoc in the city.

The Black Spider Ninja Clan is continuing their pursuit of the game's hero. The katana tends to be their weapon of choice, although many ninjas prefer to use Talons (gauntlets with large steel claws worn on the hands and feet) too. The Incendiary Shuriken is the most deadly attack weapon though. The kunai knives are powered with black powder bombs and explode after being impaled into the target's body, often claiming the life of the Black Spider Ninja too. These new screenshots will give players an idea of what to expect:

13/1/12 Screenshot 1

13/1/12 Screenshot 2

13/1/12 Screenshot 3

13/1/12 Screenshot 4

13/1/12 Screenshot 5

13/1/12 Screenshot 6

13/1/12 Screenshot 7

13/1/12 Screenshot 8

The last leaked footage of the multiplayer mode didn't leave most of you too impressed with what you'd seen. In a bid to rectify this, Tecmo KOEI has now released a multiplayer vignette showing both co-op and competitive multiplayer gameplay.

The US pre-order bonuses and Collector's Edition for the game were briefly detailed last month, but we can now show you a picture of all of the nice, shiny goodies that fans can expect in the Collector's Edition:

13/1/12 Collector's Edition

Just to remind you, the Collector's Edition will include a chance to play as all four characters in the upcoming demo, an exclusive Ninja Gaiden III "Unmask" game art book, soundtrack CD, and an exclusive "Duel of the Masked" figure set. As a reminder of the pre-order bonuses, pre-ordering the standard edition of the game at GameStop will allow players to try out the DoA 5 demo as either Ryu Hayabusa or Dead or Alive's Hitomi. Pre-ordering the standard edition of the game at Amazon will allow players to try out the DoA 5 demo as Dead or Alive characters Ayane and Hayate.

Ninja Gaiden III is due to be released on March 20th in North America, March 22nd in Japan and March 23rd in Europe.
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