CheapyD Comes as Free DLC to Saints Row: The Third

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago
Most people will know CheapyD to be the proprietor of CheapAssGamer, a website dedicated to finding gamers the best deals on their purchases. However, now people can get to know CheapyD by his upcoming cameo as the CheapyD homie in Saints Row: The Third. The man himself describes what he can do for you in the game:

After downloading this DLC, you'll be able to call me up on your cell and have me shoot people in the face for you. Or, as you can see in the above trailer, you can set me on fire and listen to me scream like a young woman.
Well actually, the trailer is below and isn't safe for work:

*Minor spoiler*: To be able to use CheapyD in the game, players must unlock Shaundi's Ex-boyfriend's apartment, which comes after the assault on the armoury.

CheapyD is available for free on January 17th. Players will need to download either the free "Genkibowl VII Viewer Pack" or purchase the "Genkibowl VII DLC Pack" for 560 MSP. CheapyD will be included in both. For further details on the upcoming Genki Bowl VII DLC, check out the trailer and details here.
Credit for this story goes to HUstlinonradio
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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