Indie Games Spotlight for January 15th, 2012

By mancide, 6 years ago
For our second game of 2012, we take a look at Ramen Ninja, a game that was released on Christmas Eve of last year.

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Ramen Ninja is the story of a ramen farmer whose crops have been stolen by the sinister Dr. Udon, and his henchmen. Use your stealthy ninja skills to steal back your ramen and restore prosperity to your farm. Ramen Ninja combines sneaking and split-second decision making across 20 unique and challenging levels. Do you have what it takes to be a ramen ninja?

RELEASE DATE: 12/24/2011
DEVELOPER: nullptrstudios LLC
GENRE: Action & Adventure

Offline players 1
Dolby Digital
Ramen Ninja is definitely an outlier in our modern gaming world. When fast-paced shooters are quite normal, a sneaky-stealth title that is all about avoiding conflict can definitely catch your eye.

With over 20 levels of stealth-based gameplay, you are tasked in becoming the ultimate Ramen Ninja to defeat the evil Dr. Udon and his minions.

Gameplay is limited to four basic controls, your A button allows you to walk, which produces less noise than your basic run movement. Pressing and holding X allows you to crawl, which produces the least amount of noise. You can interact with buttons in the world by pressing B, and to distract enemies to draw them out of your path, stomping is accomplished by the Y button.

I found Ramen Ninja quite challenging, as well as rewarding. For those of you obsessed with being the absolute best, gaining a 5-star rating on each level will keep you occupied for hours. Since most of us are conditioned to take a fast, guns-blazing approach with our gaming, that style of game play will not net you the best scores here. A slow and methodical approach is the key to gaining high ratings while gathering bowls of ramen.

Much like a package of ramen at the supermarket, Ramen Ninja will fill your gaming appetite for not a lot of cash. You can get your stealth game fix for a meer 80 MSP.

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