Genki Bowls Over Saints Row: The Third

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago
Professor Genki has returned to Saints Row: The Third to host Genkibowl VII, the most watched game show event on TV. As the leader of the famous Saints, you are invited to be the main contestant in the "Genkibowl VII" DLC. The DLC adds ten new achievements worth a total of 100G.

If you own Saints Row: The Third Season Pass DO NOT purchase this content here as you will be charged again. Professor Genki invites you to be the main contestant on Genkibowl VII! Featuring games themed by the Genki Girls Angry Tiger, Sexy Kitten and Sad Panda, see if you can beat Genkibowl and gain them and reporter Tammy Tolliver as homies!

"Genkibowl VII" costs 560 MSP and can be downloaded from here. Of course, Season Pass holders can download the DLC for free.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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