New Zumba Fitness Rush Trailer [UPDATE]

By DavieMarshall, 6 years ago
To kick off your Wednesday we have more video action from upcoming

Edit: Majesco has confirmed that two DLC packs are also in the works. The first pack will release in May and will contain three Bollywood songs. This will expand on the Indian choreography that is already in the game. The second pack will release in September; this will be a three pack of Hip-Hop songs from "today's popular artists". The packs will cost 400 MSP each.

It's not the only video that Majesco and Zoe Mode have issued though, if you crave more dancing action check out the earlier trailer featuring the titles key personality Erica Pierce.

Zumba Fitness Rush is due to be released on February 13th in North America, despite the fact that this is a Monday. Release dates for other regions have not been confirmed.