Meet Patty Steelbeard in Risen 2: Dark Waters

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago is set several years after the events of Risen, and has a completely new theme and a new set of characters. Deep Silver has been introducing players to these characters, and the latest to receive a full character profile is Patty Steelbeard. First though, you may be interested to learn a little more about the character of which players will become very familar and will be assuming his role: the Nameless Hero.

The Nameless Hero fled his native island of Gaurus, but his ship fell victim to the might of the ocean. After washing up on the small island of Faranga, he helped to free the inhabitants from the Fire Titans, despite his armour and weapons lying at the bottom of the ocean. After time had passed, the often misunderstood warrior found himself without any option but to join the Inquisiton and flee from the remaining Titans. The Titans must be defeated though, and he soon realises that the responsibility of this task lies at his feet.

Nameless Hero

Patty Steelbeard has been a companion to the Nameless Hero since his arrival on Faranga. She is the daughter of the most notorious pirate of all time: Gregorius Emanuel Steelbeard. Most of her life has been spent in the search for her missing father. To help with that search, Patty has followed in his footsteps and has earned herself a living as a pirate bride. With her sharp tongue and sassy manner, she has earned the respect of her male counterparts in this very male-dominated world. She certainly knows how to use her trusty sabre and pistol. Her close friends get to see another side to her though... a more loving and charming side.
Patty Steelbeard

As mentioned above, Captain Gregorius Emanuel Steelbeard is Patty's mostly absent father. He is one of the last true pirate captains of the Southern Seas and used to plunder the shores of the Lost Realms back in the old days. Between these raids and his capturing of the Inquisition ships to earn himself even more gold, Steelbeard is renowned among the pirates. He is also a man of honour with a complete lack of manners; whether it is a fight over a cask of rum or even a woman, the end always justifies the means and the Creed is his law. Steelbeard meets the Nameless Hero during one of his many raids, but the Hero's first impression doesn't leave Steelbeard with much faith in him. However, every man gets treated equally in Steelbeard's world, and the Hero gets a chance to prove himself.

Captain Steelbeard

Jaffar is a young gnome who has just reached the age where the shaman assigns him a "great journey" that he must undertake. The goal of this journey is to bring back a unique item of special spiritual value, the "Auri Culci". After leaving his home on the Isle of Thieves, Jaffar comes into contact with many humans, but their behavioural quirks often confuse him and get him into trouble. Despite this, he manages to get by with a limited use of the human language, even with the occasional lapse into his own language. Jaffar is small, quick and equipped with a large number of bags and sacks to hold the booty that he is hoping to find. He is armed with a sword and many other small items, which in times of desperation can be used as throwing weapons. Jaffar supports the Nameless Hero on his adventure after a freak encounter, but he always hopes that he will achieve his initial goal.


Three more silhouettes on the game's official website mean that we will see more character reveals in the future. We'll let you know when they are revealed.

Risen 2: Dark Waters is due to be released on April 24th in North America and April 27th in Europe.

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