Warriors Orochi 3 Arriving In Europe March 30th

By Dog of Thunder, 6 years ago
Warriors Orochi 3 (JP) is, of course, the third mash-up between Koei's Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors franchises. Not content with only two franchises and over 90 playable characters, Koei has upped the stakes for Warriors Orochi 3 by adding characters from their other franchises such as https://www.trueachievements.com/NINJA-GAIDEN-2-xbox-360.htm (Ryu), Warriors: Legends of Troy (Achilles), https://www.trueachievements.com/BLADESTORM-The-Hundred....htm (Joan of Arc) and https://www.trueachievements.com/DEAD-OR-ALIVE-4-xbox-3....htm (Ayane).

In addition to more characters, more levels and more achievements requiring an incredible grind (I'm assuming on that last one), Warriors Orochi 3 also introduces a new bond system. Using characters together often enough and have them interact with each other during banquet scenes creates a bond strong enough to unlock new attacks.

New actions are also debuting for the first time, including the following:

Dash Chain - smooth transition between movement and combat.
Counterattack - knocking back enemies and rendering them momentarily defenceless.
Support Attack – by pressing the character switch button while being attacked, another team member shows up to provide back up support. If the characters have a strong bond, the support member will sometimes appear automatically.
Switch Combo - switch characters immediately after landing an attack creating an endless consecutive chain of attacks.
True Triple Attack - featuring all three player characters in an aura that repels enemy forces. When the True Triple Attack Gauge is emptied, all three team members will perform an explosive finishing attack together.

If you want to see the game in action, you can head into our archive and catch a promo video.

Warriors Orochi 3 will be available across Europe on March 30th.