Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13: New Videos And Screens

By Andrew Ogley, 6 years ago
Following the recently released clip demonstrating the new swing control, EA have released a development video, a full demonstration video, and some new screenshots for their upcoming title Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13.

In the first clip, Mike DeVault, the game's lead designer talks us through some of the different features of the Kinect integration.

In the second clip, we are shown members of the development team showing off the game to Tiger himself, who gives his opinion on the Kinect and what he thinks it will bring to the latest title in the franchise.

To finish off the media bundle, there are a set of screenshots showing how the Kinect interface will actually appear in-game.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13: Screenshot showing aiming on the green

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13: Screenshot Lining up the shot

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13: Screenshot showing one of the golfers at Torrey Pines

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13: Screenshot showing a golfer teeing off at Torrey Pines

You can check out more of our recent coverage by heading over here. Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13 is due to be released on March 27th, 2012.
Andrew Ogley
Written by Andrew Ogley
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