COD: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update Detailed

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago
Some of you may have noticed a recent title update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Now we can reveal the exact tweaks and gameplay improvements that were made to the game in the eighth title update to hit the Xbox 360. It is quite a short and sweet little list:

Networking enhancements, Theater improvements and fixes, Further improvements to "Host Disadvantage" / "Lag Comp", Increased speed of YouTube uploads from 32k to 256k, Nerf to all Akimbo weapons (reduced fire rate), Shotgun re-balance (Slight nerf to Striker, slight buff to all other shotguns), Fix that prevents some users from not receiving their prestige token after prestiging, fix stat bug that retains "games played" stat across prestiges.
In addition to the title update, the first pieces of DLC were made available to Call of Duty Elite Premium members on Tuesday in the form of two maps: Piazza and Liberation. In case you were unsure of how to download the content through the Elite service, the official CALLOFDUTY Youtube channel released this how-to guide:

The maps will be released to non-Premium COD players at a later unannounced date, but you can feast your eyes on these screenshots in the meantime. Alternatively, have a look at this new trailer:

COD Elite promised to drop 20 pieces of DLC over the coming months. Having had the first two, what does Activision, Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer have in store for you? Well, they've released a vague schedule of content drops while managing to remain incredibly scant on the details. Here is the full list:

February: Map
March: Map and two missions
April: Two maps
May: Map and mission
June: Map, mission and game mode
July: Two maps
August: Map, mission and game mode
September: Map and mission

We'll bring you more details as we hear them!
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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