Gears of War 3 Weekend Details

By Ashley Woodcock, 6 years ago

According to some of our community members who have posted in this thread, the Fenix Rising Map Pack is required to take part in the Gnashty event, as players without the DLC can't seem to get into any matches for the event. Those who are owners of the Season Pass will be able to download the DLC pack for free, the pack costs 800 MSP for those without a pass, and can be downloaded here.

Original Story:

It's time to either shuffle your plans or/and clear the schedule for the weekend as it's time to spend two whole days getting 'Gnashty' with this weekend's Gears of War 3 event.

This weekend sees 'Get Gnashty' added to the Standard Playlist, and the loadout players will start with will be nothing but a Snub Pistol and a Gnasher Shotgun. The Gnasher remains as its usual brutal self, but the difference with the Snub is that it's only loaded with just the one shot, this being capable of popping open an enemys head with the single shot.

Alongside the weapon loadout will be a a slick-looking Thrashball Drone for use on the killing fields "in honor of the big Superbowl games coming up this week", but he will be only be available for "LIMITED TIME during the events".

Thrashball Drone

For those Gearheads who may be interested, Epic are asking for players feedback via their Facebook page, regarding Gears of War 3's Alpha playlist. A poll is currently taking place with the simple question of - "In the Alpha playlist, which do you prefer, Execution or KOTH?". (A Facebook account will be required to make a vote in the poll.)

'Get Gnashty' is currently underway and runs through the weekend until Monday January 30th at 9:00 AM (Eastern). Have fun and don't forget that taking part in this event will count towards unlocking the socialite achievement.
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