EA Announces Skate 3

By splicegraph, 9 years ago
EA Vancouver announced the release of SKATE 3, confirming that it will ship sometime in May of 2010. This time out it takes place in Port Carverton, PA. featuring offline and online gameplay, the later will allow gamers to create the “ultimate skate crew".

The social and community aspects of the SKATE franchise are something we’ve always embraced, but we’ve never done anything to the scale you’re going to see in SKATE 3,” said Senior Producer, Jason DeLong. “We’re giving gamers a very unique experience by providing them with the tools they need to build their ultimate team or to create a team comprised entirely of their online friends. From there, it’s all about proving yourself – teaming up, and throwing down.

EA also promises a new co-op mode where teammates can complete challenges together while advancing their careers. A "skate.Create" feature suite that will provide a broader range of creative tools allowing gamers to make their own graphics, videos, and skate parks.

For pre-orders of SKATE 3, from www.skate.ea.com or at participating retailers, EA is offering a code that will unlock exclusive access to the iconic Black Box Distribution Skate Park. Home to the Zero, Mystery, and Fallen skate teams.

Game Trailer is in the external link below.