GotY Awards 2011 - Results Breakdown

By Cee Jay,
Hi again,

Congratulations to all our winners. Before we take an in-depth look at the results I first wish to let you know a bit more about the voting process. Each of your selections was allocated a score based on your preference

First place - 3 points
Second place - 2 points
Third place - 1 point

Obviously the winner was the game with the most points. The following charts show the percentage of the overall score each game/DLC received for that question.

Let’s look at the results in a bit more detail

Interesting stats from week 1

TA Game Of The Year Awards 2011 - Week One Selections

The big vote in the first week was the shooters vote and the 'threequels' certainly lived up to their expectation taking 61.5% of the entire vote and 75% of all first place selections. Although the third person shooter, won the best shooter, it was the first person shooters that won the genre war taking 70% of the points, with picking up Best FPS. It was a particularly poor showing for which picked up exactly 333 less votes than Battlefield 3 despite having nearly 20,000 more players.

With 52952 votes week 1 attracted the most votes. picked up more third places than any other game - 551 was the biggest winner in the first week, a massive 57.3% voted it as the top platform game. was the biggest loser and had the fewest votes (5)...Twice!

Interesting stats from week 2

TA Game Of The Year Awards 2011 - Week Two Selections

Unsurprisingly was the clear winner in the big RPG vote taking 59% of the top votes and over 75% of the voters had it their top 3, impressive. Only 0.8% separated from this was the closest vote and the only one in which the winner didn’t get the most vote’s 1087 v 1114 picked up exactly 300 votes, odd considering only 95 users have played it… fanboyism?
43% voted as their top phone game.
With 6 points the RPG Students of Round recieved the fewest points in week 2
Week 2 attracted the fewest votes from the genre weeks with only 34261 votes.

Interesting stats from week 3

TA Game Of The Year Awards 2011 - Week Three Selections

With 5 of the top 12 in the GotY poll, action & adventure was the most tightly contested genre. Although comfortably won picking up 33.3% of the top vote, the next 4 were separated by only 4.4%. By winning the action genre Mortal Kombat finished as the top fighting game, it received more than twice the votes of Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds

Whilst was the best sandbox game, received 10 more votes.
Adventure was the least voted genre with only 2483 votes, with finishing runner up with only 495 votes.
No game won fewer votes in the genre questions than with just the 2.
126 different Downloadable Content received votes for the Best DLC award.
RAAM's Shadow for Gears of War 3 won with the lowest percentage of votes just 11.56%

Interesting stats from week 4

TA Game Of The Year Awards 2011 - Week Four Selections

The top 10 games comprised of 3 shooters, 4 action & adventure games, 2 role playing games and a platform game. was the clear winner, it had the most first place selections 27.29% (Gears was next with 13%), most votes 1765 and most points 4445. With 16.13% of top votes was comfortably the best XBLA Game with nearly double the points of its nearest rival

We received 12104 votes for the Game of the Year.
At 7th was the best new IP of the year.
At 23rd was the highest ranking XBLA game.
At 70th was the highest ranked game that didn't receive any top votes.
240 games received votes for GotY with receiving both the most second and third place votes.
94 different XBLA games received votes from best XBLA with receiving the fewest votes (1)

I hope you've enjoyed the advanced stats and thanks for reading,

Clever Jake
Cee Jay
Written by Cee Jay
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