Prototype 2 RADNET Edition Revealed

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago
Early adopters of the upcoming are going to be rewarded by the RADNET edition of the game. Limited launch quantities of the game will contain a one-use code allowing gamers access to 55 pieces of additional content for free over the seven weeks following the game's launch. Players will be glad to know that the one-use code ties to the console and NOT to the gamertag, so all players who use the same console will be able to access the content. What exactly is that content though?

The weekly-scheduled content will include in-game events, challenges, avatar items and behind-the-scenes videos, as well as bonus mutations for the main campaign of Prototype 2. Players who participate in the RADNET weekly challenges and events, scoring at least a bronze medal in the events and achieving the minimum score threshold in the challenges, will unlock weekly awards. Once June 7th comes around, players who have taken part in all of the weekly challenges and events will unlock the "ultimate shape-shifting reward" - details on this will not be revealed until March though.

Once the code has been entered, the content will be permanently available for players to use. The content is completely independent of the storyline and there will not be any achievements tied to the RADNET events and challenges.

In other Prototype 2 news, we've been introducing several characters over the last four weeks: the two main characters, their support characters and Heller's two main enemies. Today we can introduce you to two more figureheads in New York Zero, courtesy of an IGN exclusive:

Sabrina Galloway

Sabrina Galloway is a CFO at Gentek; in fact, with her tendency to learn quickly and her ability to handle tough political situations, she climbed up the corporate ladder so quickly that she is the youngest ever CFO at the company. Her position at the company awards her a fair amount of power.

Sabrina Galloway Screenshot

Galloway is a cold-hearted bean-counter who cares little about her company's human test subjects. In addition to her good looks and shrewd tactics, Galloway is impatient, naggy, and has a tendency to rely too heavily on manipulation and sex appeal to get her way.
Sabrina Galloway Concept Art

Lieutenant Clint Riley

We met Colonel Rooks, the head of Blackwatch operations in New York Zero, in the preview on Heller's two main enemies. Lt. Clint Riley is second-in-command of the Blackwatch operations and is Rooks' personal aide. He has served in Blackwatch since the events of the first outbreak of the Blacklight virus and his responsibilities include arranging for the protection of the Gentek scientists and facilitating the military operations in NYZ, ultimately helping with the attempts to capture James Heller.

Lt. Clint Riley Screenshot 1

Lt. Clint Riley Screenshot 2

Riley is quick to discipline any soldier that displays less-than-professional behaviors and attitudes. Conversely, his relationship with Rooks is extremely sycophantic; Riley jumps to do anything the Colonel asks, and to scramble and show shame when the Colonel brings him up.
Lt. Clint Riley Concept Art

Prototype 2 is due to be released on April 24th, 2012 in North America and April 27th in Europe. A release date is yet to be confirmed for Australasia. All players who pre-order Prototype 2 will be guaranteed to get a RADNET edition of the game, so you have just under three months to get yourself a copy.
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