TA NeverDead Competition Winner

By DavieMarshall, 6 years ago
On the back of our official review of NeverDead, we decided a giveaway was in order, and we of course asked you how you'd spend your days if you were cursed with immortality. There were over six hundred responses ranging from the philanthropic, to the downright crazy.

Our panel of Newshounds picked their winner from the anonymous shortlist we compiled, so it's our pleasure to name AmbaLaBamba as their favourite with her entry:

I would play tricks on people for sure; leg hanging out of a lift over there, hand under the wheel of a car there... the fun wouldn't end. Plus I would go and pick up the body part myself after shocking a few people, just to make it more entertaining. 'Oh sorry, did I leave this here?'
Thanks to all for playing! Don't worry, though, we'll have more competitions for you guys soon!